Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doin' The Football thing

Just a few from last Thursday night.
It was soooo hot, and the sun was just beating down bad.
So, imagine how happy we were when coach decided to put all the kids in the shade.

Yes, the shade was a great hit, but even greater for me cuz you see while everyone else took it as a reprieve from the sun, I thought...

"Hmmmm, open shade, sweet evening light, a perfect setting for some beautiful almost sunset photos"

And so I was on my way, look at that beautiful orange/pink glow.

"Conditioning practice"
is what they call it. I guess it means getting kids used to being active out in the heat.
Other then blowing things up on our TV screen, Kolin is pretty good at being outside in the heat.

There's lots of listening to instruction, especially kids like mine who is a newbie at this football thing {other then backyard football but I guess that doesn't count for much in the real world, lol}


Lots of push-ups, especially when someone messes up, which thankfully wasn't my kid. hehe...


It was so cool the way coach picked him to go against here. He always spends a lot of time with Kolin and that is awesome too.


So for a couple more weeks we'll be doing this two times a week then on August 2nd it gets kicked up to 5 times till games start at the end of August and then it goes back to four plus game day which still makes it five, doesn't it?
I don't mind though, kids who stay busy and are butt tired at the end of the day are my kind of kid. :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

DANG - that's one big coach! Check out those arms!!! Poor Kolin could be flattened like a pancake if that was an opposing team member!! :D

How has the dusting and baking gone?! :)

Amy said...

Go Kolin - glad you're enjoying football camp! We are h-u-g-e football fans in this house. My 7 year old son can't wait until he's old enough to join the youth football league.
Enjoy your day K''s just another manic Monday!

William said...

Wow. What camera do you have? I would love to have one this good! Stalker-ish enough, i'm not anyone you know... just a random person reading this blog because the link was posted on Kody's caring bridge page. you can reply (pretty please? :D ) to my question by email at

Shiela in NY said...

You okay down there???

Maloy said...

Will it be politically incorrect to say that the coach is TOO DAMN FAT, especially for a coach? Gawd almighty! What if he FALLS on one of the kids! Or parents, for that matter.

Word verification matches my imagination - HORRO!

Maloy said...

LOL William, the camera just goes click, that's all. It takes a TALENT to make good photos. Kim will never tell you that (despite the hot chick attitude, she's shy and modest :-D), but she's one DAMN GOOD photographer.

Kim has made a mistake of sticking with Nikon... D3000 is the entry model, then it's D5000, which isn't really different, then D90, hmmm... then a VERY logical D300s, then yet another logical step up - D700... I think Nikon has their own lottery drum and every time they need to name a model, they simply pull out a number. But even with that mistake of a camera her photos are just GREAT! Which is yet another proof of her talent.

Trust me, Willliam, even the top of the range, the $8000 D3 won't take you far without a talent, and I am the best proof of that statement. Well, actually, I'm worse than that, since I don't even have a flagship camera. :-))


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