Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have to give Central Florida props, we do have some pretty cool looking spiders around here.
Like for instance, this beautiful one I found just hanging around outside...


I used an 85mm 1.8 prime fixed focal lens on that so no zoom feature at all. In fact, the "zoom" is my own legs. You have to physically move yourself to get closer, so yeppers, I had to move pretty close to him.
No worries though, spiders don't phase me in the least.
Now, those stupid frogs...Holy crap, I am terrifies of those stupid things. LOL!

Have a terrifc day everyone.
Life as I know it, is beautiful.

Oh, btw...I got a call from Camp Boggy Creek this morning. Seems they had a cancellation for North Florida week {Kody's normal summer session} so instead of him leaving in a few weeks, he is actually leaving for 6 days starting tomorrow.
He is one excited kid. Getting away, on his own {kind of} for a while, basically not many rules, no Mom, Dad, semi annoying little brother, pita sister, heck yea who wouldn't love that? :0)



Amy said...

Great photo Kim!
Kody, have an awesome time at camp!

Shiela in NY said...

VERY cool spider, but I LOL every time I see you write that you can't stand FROGS!!! :)

Great news for Kody - how in the world do you get packed with less than 24 hours notice?!

And....the real question of the day is whether Kaysha also considers herself a PITA?! That, of course, probably depends on how much she tries to be one for her little bro, huh?! :D

Have a great day - and guessing Kody's already at camp so can't wait to hear all about it in a week!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

Tell you what! You quit puttin' pics of spidies on this blog, SO BIG or any size (eewwwww & OMG!!) and I won't send you any pics of cute little froggies!! Okay??? Okay!!!!!

Love Ya Anyway,

Kim said...



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