Monday, July 26, 2010


Yesterday started out as just another Sunday.
Karlio went to put in a few hours at work. The overtime is great and there is no shortage of things for him to fix, that's for sure.
I took advantage of him taking my jeep with him, by staying home and knitting a cute pixie hat for Adriana and after waking up lazy, eating some breakfast and basically looking pretty bored, the three kids {Kaysha, Kody and Kolin} decided to go take their skateboards down the street where it's less bumpy.
That didn't last but maybe 15 minutes when the heat was too much with those helmets on.
So, they came back home, grabbed a few waters out of the fridge and announced they were going to play some basketball.

It was still the middle of the day hot out but when they have a plan, they have a plan...there is no stopping them.

They weren't out all that long when I heard Kolin came tearing through the front lawn yelling something. So, I opened up the front door to what in the world was going on this time, thinking to myself "I swear they better not have thrown that damn ball through their Dad's windshield" and that's when he said "Mom, the neighbor's house is on fire!!"

And before I could even say anything I watched in perfect sequence...

Kaysha on her cell calling 911.
Kody and Kolin leaping the chain link fence that surrounds their yard. {I swear they never even touched the fence, those boys just about flew over it and so graceful too, sooo unlike their mother the klutz}
While Kody {who has a horrible fear of dogs} pinned down their doberman who was trying his best to bite the crap out of both of them, Kolin banged...I am talking almost tore the door down banged on their front door.
Now, in that house lives two grandparents, who are raising their two grandchildren.
Their vehicle was parked at the end of the driveway so they knew, no doubt somebody or all four were home.
The grandfather came to the door and I saw Kolin yell at him "Sir, your house is on fire!" while he pointed up to the roof, which by now not only had thick black smoke pouring out but flames as well.

Within seconds I saw him, his two grandchildren and his wife run out, still in their pajamas cuz as it turns out, they were all sleeping and had no idea.

I took the children into my house, and kept them occupied with some TV time while keeping them out of the middle of the drama outside.

My kids came in and out of the house bringing water to the grandparents who happened to have inhaled too much smoke while trying to run back in and rescue a few important things.
Kody stayed inside keeping the kids company so they wouldn't have to see what was going on just across the street.

All in all, I think about eight firetrucks lined our street, a bunch of sheriff's, a couple ambulances, two water cannon trucks and two emergency vehicles as well.

Our very quiet street was insanely crazy.

But, the fire was mostly contained to the attic and I believe one bedroom.
The people who live in it are 100% completely safe.
And because of the quick actions of three incredibly awesome kids, things did not get any worse then that.

And, because I am Mom, and Mom's love to brag about their babies, I am here today to tell you about this and how friggin' proud I am of my three I call my "hell raisers"
Of course, those hell raisers of mine were also taught to be humble and so it is very doubtful you'll ever hear a word out of them. :0)

Here's a few pic's that I caught yesterday. I was on the phone a lot describing to Karlio what was going on so I didn't get many. The flames were on the right side of the roof and eventually after a while the roof on that side caved in.
While I don't know 100% the cause, I did hear that it was very possibly caused by an attic fan. :0(

I was standing at the end of my driveway when I took these...








In that last picture, you can still see where they dropped their basketball.

Anyway, let's hope today is a lot less drama filled. lol!!

Wishing you all a great day today and once again I'm here with a super huge shout out to Kaysha, Kody and Kolin...

My Hell raisers ROCK!!!!!"

Signing off for today, One Very Proud Momma



Tracey said...

Wow, I follow your blog. Guess I linked to you from a caringbridge page at one point. And, have followed you since. I love your photography and joy you find in life. Mostly I am a "lurker" ... read, admire your photography, and go on my day. But, today, I had to comment. Your post brought tears to my eyes. How very proud you must be and deserve to be. That family is very likely alive and well with no major injury due to the heroic actions of your children. Thank you for sharing your family with the world! Wow! It is nice to be reminded that people care about other people!!

Shiela in NY said...

And SO VERY PROUD YOU SHOULD BE, Kim and Karl!!! You've done a great job raising your children and they are to be commended for their great efforts! Thank goodness they changed from skateboarding to basketball! It gives me goosebumps, as I read this.

CONGRATS, Kaysha, Kody & Kolin! You're Mamma is right: YOU DEFINITELY ROCK!!!

Maloy said...

YOUR KIDS ARE GREAT!!! GOOD JOB, Kaysha, Kolin, Kody. And my very special respect to Kody. I fear dogs more than anything in the world, so if it was me and the doberman, that house would keep burning.

They probably saved those people's lives, no less. RESPECT! RESPECT! RESPECT!

I keep getting more and more amazed by your children, Kim. I really am. They are SO unlike the image of the modern teenager.

PS Talking about the woman who raised those wonderful kids... Kim, is that your Summit standing right in front of the firetruck? I guess you, maniac photographer, were too busy taking shots to think that MAYBE that 40-tons machine needs a bit more space and move your car out of the way? :-))

PPS Still have New York plates?

Anonymous said...

Awesome job K kids! You worked so well as a team. Your parents have every right to be proud of am I!

Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

Wow! You do have great kids Kim. I almost started crying reading your post.

Jenner said...

Wow! Way to go K kids! You truly are heros!!
Love, Hugs & Prayers, Jen in WI

Sherry Vasquez said...

Wow they sure do Rock! God Bless them....and of course you too.Have a great week...with your awesome kids.

Sea52Jay said...

Wow wow wow wow wow. How absolutely awesome. I know how proud you and Karl of those kids. And how proud we all are of the parents that raised those kids to do the right thing. Those hell raisers are absolutely AWESOME!! Having nearly died in a trailer fire years ago, I know how easy it is to have the smoke take over you and never wake up. Your neighbors are SOOOO lucky. Hugs and love to all. CJ

Margie said...

What great kids you have. Congratulations.

Cheyenne said...

Great post, Kim. I rarely comment on your posts but this one truly brought out the goosebumps. Give those three Amigos something special for what they were able to do. There are 4 people still alive, thanks to them.

Amy said...

That is AWESOME (not the fire, obviously) - you 3 K's did a fantastic job. Any of us would be proud to have you as neighbors.
And, yes Kim, you & Karl should be proud!!! They are amazing kids! I'm glad that the occupants are ok.
Here's to a more low-keyed day....

Carol said...

Kim, you have every right to be proud of your kids - They are true heroes.

Do you still have your blog for crocheted hats? I am interested in one of those little crocheted cap hats with a big crocheted pink flower .. maybe a white hat with a pink flower or a pink hat with a white and pink flower. Do you make those? You can email me at if you do. Thanks, Carol in MN I am looking for something like this:[]=tags&includes[]=title

Michelle said...

God bless your children. I was blown away when I read your entry yesterday. Like Tracey said, I kinda lurk and enjoy your blog and family, so this was truly a special entry to read. God has His hand on your family and used them in a mighty way here. Such a beautiful story!

Anonymous said...

Not many teens today would rest their own lives to safe others including the dog (I don't know if I would have had the courage that Kody did). AMAZING!!!!! Hopefully they will be rewarded for their quick actions.....
Be PROUD Mamma Bear you totally deserve to be.
Edmonton, AB

Anonymous said...

Wow, thats something that everyone involved will remember for a lifetime , great job! You have every reason in the world to be proud parents.
Donna, ny


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