Thursday, July 15, 2010

Keeping Up With The Twitter

I know, I know I have been pretty horrible about the blog this week. my half lame excuse of a defense, I have been a little busy this week, honest I have. :0)

So, to make up for, in case you haven't noticed it yet, I have become a "Twitter". See it, it's right there on your right. That's me in that black and purple box and that is how, on those off days or anytime I just feel I need to blurt out my warped thoughts, you can see them there.

The fun thing is, I feel like I've mini updated and I can tweet anywhere on my cell.
I am a texting loving fool, so it's just another one of those many ways I can entertain myself during the day while my kids harp on my back about being bored to death.

On a long boring line a Wally World pharmacy...Tweet!
Watching Kolin's 2 1/2 hour practices...Tweet!
Making dinner...Tweet!
Having a pedicure...Tweet!
Downloading a week's worth of photos...Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

The only place I won't tweet from is my jeep. Sparkly is a "No Phone Zone". :0)

So, there you have it. If the blog somehow gets lost in the madness of life, feel free to see what's up in my small part of this gigantic world by eavesdropping in on my tweet thang. :0)

Cuz I have a hard time with my OCD if I don't leave behind a picture of some sort, this is what's been growing in our back yard this past week due to the endless amounts of rain we've been having, which basically explains those "Mom we are sooo bored" comments I've been hearing lately.

july72010 010 copy 2

BTW, Kody came home from camp yesterday morning. Happy, exhausted, full of camp adventures, thrilled that he got to buddy with a newbie 6 year old, even more thrilled that he got the calling to become an LIT (leader in training) when he turns 17 and is too old to actually attend camp and the best part, he didn't even smell half bad. LOL!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

PHEW! You ARE okay!!! :) That's quite a shroom growing in your yard. Sure wish we had part of your rain, though.

Hate to say, but I don't Tweet. :( I am, however, on FB ... and they have mobile updating. HINT, HINT! Since you WERE on FB at one time maybe, JUST MAYBE, you'll reconsider?! ;^)

Glad Kody had a good time at camp and will be a CIT too. (Although, I don't think that's what you called it but that's what we always say around here so I guess you know what I mean - haha!)

Have a great day. Catch ya on Facebook.............. :D

Amy said...

Welcome home Kody - glad to hear your week at camp was awesome!
Glad you're back Kim...although I don't know diddly about Twitter!

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, this isn't so bad after all! I just realized that I can see what you're tweeting on this blog!! When I read your post I just assumed there was a link or log of Twitter on the right side of your screen (I was too lazy to move the cursor over there!). So......does it post all of your tweets here? If so, I guess I can "deal with" that!! HAHA! :D

Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Maloy said...

I know I'm too young to be old-fashioned, but what the heck is Tweeter?


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