Monday, October 17, 2011


This weekend I felt the strong need or a pull to get up early, make some coffee, grab the camera and head out while the boys were still asleep to watch the sunrise over Lake Harris.
I needed to be alone, with my thoughts, with my music and with my God.
The "Big Man" and I needed to talk. I needed some V-Man time too. There were a few things I just can't agree with. I think we all know what they are.
No sooner did I tell them to tighten up, our wedding song came on my phone's mp3.
I guess I might have got my point across. :)

Anyway, the sunrise over Lake Harris...


I'd love to get that book started, does anybody have any idea who I contact, where to start, what to do. I'm lost...and this book has been a calling for sometime now, even before he left.
His death would complete "A Perfect Chapter Laid To Rest".

Have a great day everyone!!

PS. Kolin won this weekends game 33-0, they are in the playoffs...which starts tomorrow night, weather permitting, we are supposed to have some bad storms starting tonight and into tomorrow. Lots of tornado activity is predicted. :(



jeeper said...

it's a company that prints blogs in book form. Might be a place to start

Anonymous said...

Of course there is lots to glean from the internet. For instance I got this link by Googling: 'writing a book':
Here 's another site and, while it is from 2007, I think it has some honest advise:

So 'google' and 'google' and 'google' and when you are ready to meet real people I have these 2 suggestions:
1. Join a club/organization of writers (a friend of mine who is writing chapter books for middle school girls joined one where she lives and it is a wealth of in-person knowledge/sharing)
2. Take a college course on writing (I fear saying this because any discussion on 'going back to school' is met with resistance from you, but consider this: You want to 'write' a book and classes on writing is a way to meet people who want to 'write' it other students or the professors. A community college is a good start and they have counselors who can point you to the right course for 'writing'. If going to a college still scares you then check out your community's Adult Education...usually led by a professional, these are 6-12 week courses where you meet once/twice a week at a local library/school for an informal class.)

And there is always the local library...just ask a librarian where you would start on 'how-to' books on writing a book!

Kendall said...

Try I made a digital scrapbook for my son's graduation using that.

If you want to print your blog google turn blog into book and you'll find lots of sources.

But you might find Mixbook more fun- you can incorporate blog posts and layout pictures however you would like. I loved it and the price was so reasonable.

Kay♥ said...

<3 <3 Beautiful Picture Mommy! When I picture what Heaven looks like. this is what I see!

Kim said...

AWESOME...AWESOME Advice, thank you!!!!!!!!


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