Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Blanket

Knitting and photography, wow...I put it down for the longest time. I had such a hard time picking up and doing the things that I once enjoyed. I don't know why, but the guilt of being happy just tore me up.

Slowly though I am picking things up again, trying to get into that "zen" mode and it does help...especially at night, nights are always the worst.

I made this cute light aqua colored baby blanket...then gave it away.

Knit Sailboat Baby Blanket

It doesn't bother me at all to pour my heart into something and then give it away. For me, it just makes it so much more worth the hours spent when I can make someone else smile. You all make me smile so why not pay it forward?

This weekend I've been working on a cardigan style sweater...trendy, not oldish lol. The nights at Kolin's practice are getting chilly, I may just have to keep that one. :)

As for the future...I'm stuck in don't want to make any one mad land.
Not my kids, not my family, not even Karl's family.
Sometimes it's not all about me, you know?

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. Love to you all!!


1 comment:

Silvia said...

Kim, that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I might have to order you one when we start ttc :)


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