Friday, February 25, 2011

Only At Planet Smoothie....

Can you get yourself a nice cold refreshing "Vinnie" :0)


Me and the girls after Kaysha and I actually managed to drive to Orlando airport for the first time solo to pick up KK who was coming back in from NY. Lets hear it for GPS and that very annoying but extremely accurate voice that comes out of it...WOOT-WOOT!


That picture when it was taken two weekends ago made me realize something very big.
I am a hot mess.
So, in an attempt to make myself look semi human again, I got my hair did.
This is the new me.

"Look Mom, no roots!!"


Can someone explain to me why our kids can take one selfie picture and it comes out cute and I take like thirty and look like the biggest dork in all of them. Seriously, I make my own self cringe. LOL!

Have a beautiful day everyone.

I've discovered the healing power of an MP3 and a 3 mile walk and that's what I'll be doing to jump start my day before it gets crazy as always.



Shiela in NY said...

Nice pic of you and the girls. Love the Vinnie drinks! :) I think your walks are going to be helpful. I was going every day until about 2 weeks ago and now I'm out of the habit and feeling the stress of my job so can just see it will be put on the back burner AGAIN. :( As for YOUR pic...I think you'd look great no matter what but I did lol about kids taking one pic and being happy. Lucky them - lol. :) We are in the midst of ANOTHER snow storm - hope you're having sunny Florida weather.

Anonymous said...

Love your hair Kim, i think it looks great. And yes thats my favorite and easiest form of exercise, walking! Cant beat it :)
Wish i could walk outside now but here in UpState Ny we are getting pounded yet again with a huge snowstorm :(
Donna. NY

Anonymous said...

Kim you look great. Good for you!!!!

tricia said...

thanks for the update. one day at a time.....

PS your hair looks great

Anonymous said...

I'm practically still a kid (just turned 23 two weeks ago), and all of the self-pictures I take make me look like a total idiot. I always look at them and go, "There is no way my face looks like that!"

It was really good to read a happy update from you! I hope you have a beautiful day. I'm still thinking of you and all your Ks.


Dot O said...

You and the word "dork" do not belong in the same sentence. Your selfie pic looks great.

Kim, I find that music and walking soothes the soul - I am glad you found an outlet.

Prayers continue for all of you.


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