Monday, February 21, 2011

Karl's New York Memorial Service

I'd like to put this out there, just in case there may be some of you who live close enough.
Since the week of Karl's funeral here in Florida, New York was under blizzard conditions, leaving his family with no way to fly out, they have lovingly decided to honor their son/brother/uncle/friend with a service for him.

This is the information...

Place: St. Mary's, Fishkill, NY
Day: Saturday, February 26th 2011
Time: 11 AM

If in the event that anyone can be there, we would love to see photographs.
God only knows, I would have LOVED to be there.

I also would love to go back to times like this when they were simple and incredibly romantic...


Have a beautiful day everyone. We are enjoying our flip-flop weather for sure. :0)



Shiela in NY said...

Oh, how I wish your Half-Sista from New York could go to Karl's memorial service. Fishkill is about a 3 hour drive (one way) from my home. :(

Sending warm love and hugs...

tricia said...

If I still lived there(NY) I would so be there. It's an hour from where I use to live. Any of you NY 'K -followers'try to be there for Kim&kids. I was back home during that 2ft Blizzard that struck the day after Christmas. It shut down all airports.

Anonymous said...

Even though i only "know" your family on the internet , i would have gone and sat in the back and paid my respects to your whole family but Fishkill is 3 hrs away for me as well.
Donna, ny

Linda R. said...

Kimberly, thinking of you and the kids each day and praying for your peace of heart and mind. I can't imagine!

Love, hugs and ladybugs....

leese said...

I'm about 3 hours out but will be touring colleges in PA that day. Kim, I'm hoping a family member can take pics for you??
Sending lots of love


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