Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy V-Day In Heaven Vinny

In memory and in honor of the most perfect man who blessed thirty years of my life, Happy V-Day Vinny. Our first one apart.
I thought our wedding song would be perfect today.
I love you so much and I miss you so bad.



Shiela in NY said...

Oh, Kim...I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, after listening to your tribute to Karl. I can only imagine the headache you must have today. :( What a rough "first". Today should have been my brother's 28th wedding anniversary. The last few years I've thought how difficult it must be for my sister-in-law to endure Valentine's Day and now one of my good friends must endure a painful holiday as well. While you and Vinny aren't able to walk side by side on Earth I hope you're able to hold him close at heart today and feel his never-ending love for you.

Love ya...

JustJn said...

thinking of you today and always. i know vinny is smiling down on y'all.

Mave said...

Kim- I've been thinking about you and praying for you all day! I know that Karlio was with you today. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

(((HUGS))) my friend!

And Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Kim, What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful man and your love for him. my heart aches for you and your family. Hugs to my favorite "K" family.
Linda in Pittsburgh

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kim. I'm cleaning up some old eamils and just found one that my mother-in-law sent me last February, which was not too long after her husband passed away. I couldn't help but think of you and wanted to share:

Just Under The Surface

Always, just under the surface
Lies the pain from missing you.
I move through my days staying busy
With things I need to do.

When daylight fades to nightfall
And it's time to go to bed
Just under the surface pain seeps up
To flow with tears I still shed.

"It gets better with time"
Is said again and again;
Although somewhat true
We know grief never ends.

It changes it's form
As months create years;
Just under the surface
I keep hidden my tears.

by Dianne from Ohio

rocketbear said...

Kim, I can't imagine what the day is like for you and the boys. I have a friend who lost her husband six years ago. After reading your story the other day, I spoke with my friend about you. Please visit her blog at I truly hope this will help you as you struggle through your journey. ((hugs))

Beth said...

Kim, I've followed Kody for... well for ages, since the earlier Caringbridge days, and followed this blog occasionally.

I'm so very very sorry.

I'm just a stranger, but I hope you will accept my deepest condolences for your loss.


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