Monday, June 14, 2010

The Start Of A New Week Begins....

You know how you just know it's going to be an insane week?
I just know...I just really do know.
It's all good though.

Let's see, the Cattle Baron's Ball was WONDERFUL!!!

OMG it was located at a gorgeous country club called "Bella Collina" in Monteverde, FL. honestly, it was like walking straight into a beautiful Italian village.
I have so many pictures to get web sized so I can post them and for sure I'll be setting some time to be working on that today.

So, some highlights...

The food was EXTRAORDINARY!! There were I think, 9 or 10 caterers there and there is no way I could possibly pick a favorite. Although, I am pretty sure Kody's was the Bella Collina brick oven pizza and Kolin was definitely into the Sirloin Marsala from Carraba's. I'm pretty sure Karlio gave the two thumbs up to Aramark's smoked BBQ beef brisket. As for Kaysha and me...Ummmm, we loved them all. LOL!!

Kody's interview with FOX 10's TV host came later into the night, right after the live auction. He was being interviewed about his tumor, the past 8 years and especially R.O.C.K Camp {which is part of Boggy Creek, ROCK standing for "Reaching Out to Cancer Kids}.
Every year when Kody and many other children attend summer camp, they are in part sponsored by the American Cancer Society.
So, the whole point of the ball was a fundraiser event for the cancer society and ROCK Camp. This event benefits, not only adults but children with cancer as well. There are so many things the cancer society does, I could honestly be here all day talking about them.

After the interview, we were photographed for a couple of magazines. I'll have more on that this week. I should be getting the photos forwarded to me and of course copies of the magazines when they come out next month.

We also met with some pretty amazing people from these mag's who want me {LOL, yea me, can you believe it?} to start getting stories out in their mag's about "Pediatric Cancer Awareness".
Sadly, not many people realize that September is "Childhood Cancer Awareness" month. We all know what the pink ribbon stands for, not a whole lot knew that gold represents our children.

So, it looks like my summer mission is to get that word out so that by the time September rolls around, more and more people will be aware all over the state of Florida.

One of the most memorable parts of the night was while we were walking out, we stopped for a few to look over the balcony and from it we watched the Disney fireworks. Totally awesome, let me tell you. :0)

Anyway, enough with the novel, huh?

Here's two pictures from Saturday night.



I'm realizing more and more everyday that Bear's got some strange issues. I think he's had that camera stuck in his face maybe a little too much over the years. And my poor baby Kolin, I forgot all about taking that pretty heavy camera bag off his back. Oops. LOL!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!



Dot O said...

Wonderful!!! Great photos and great post. About them fireworks... Colleen is in WDW right this moment for senior week (been there since Thursday) and I'm sure she was watching those exact same fireworks!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this latest entry. But, I feel I need to add caution to your words about the Cancer Society.
My Rachaeil and I recieved NO HELP from this organization directly. I'm sure there was help directly to the hospital ( a lot of help that did...), but when I requested help regarding wigs, help with the trips to treatment, we came up with nothing. My husband had a good job with a company that paid a lot of our hospital bills, but they never considered that I lost my job, and that my husband was DX with cancer during our daughter Rachael's treatment...I no longer donate to cancer charities. I choose to give money directly to local children/families that are ill. Just wanted to give another take on the American Cancer Society.

Thank You.

Kathie Mayo

Shiela in NY said...

That BALL fundraiser sounds awesome! What a great time and cause!!

That's great that you're going to be spreading the word about cancer awareness, Kim! At first I thought maybe they were going to use a photo of yours -- like that other magazine article a couple of years ago. :)

Seems like I'm forgetting something else......I read this 30 minutes ago but am finally leaving my comment. Way too long for this tired brain to remember!!!

I'll leave by saying that I thought of Kody today. Not that I don't often, but this was because I was driving behind someone that had a "Save the Ta-Ta's" sticker on their car. :]

Have an awesome night. Can't wait for pics from the weekend.

Amy said...

Wow Kim, sounds like a simply amazing time - looking forward to seeing the pics.
Great pics of the family, even with Kody's antics!! :)

Maloy said...

Oh come on! You have SIX kids and still feel sorry over one of them having to carry a backpack for your all day? Don't you tell me you gave birth to them out of the love of kids! You just wanted some slave labor! Admit it. :-P


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