Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Sheila...

Because if I go 48 hours without letting my "bestie" know I am still alive I start to feel really, really guilty. lol!!

Different day, same story...trying to keep cool and avoid being out in all the tropical storms that keep knocking out tree branches and our power.
Actually I can hear one right now heading our way which is kind of sucky because Kolin has his first football practice tonight. Bummer. :0(

Kody's Neurologist appointment went pretty good yesterday. He is doing great and we are going to try a new medicine to see if it will help with the eye tic's.
Unfortunately we can't get this medication local cuz it it hard to find but fortunately our nurse, Mista Carlos, found some at a specialty pharmacy they just started using and it will be mailed to us within 24 hours.
How cool is that?
Also, his yearly EEG is scheduled for July 19th, early in the morning cuz it has to be a sleep study EEG, that's when he is most likely to have seizure activity.

Leaving you with the photo of the day which was actually taken yesyerday.
My fish kidlets...


Don't you love the way the goggles stretch out the faces. LOL!!

Anyway, that's about it for now. Looks like that storm is getting closer so there is no telling if Kolin will get his practice. Plz let it leave teh building quickly!! :0)

Have a great day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

Hey, K's! Glad to hear Kody's app't went well. How kool that they were able to find the meds like that!

Love the goggle pic - and yes, they do change faces considerably. :)

Hoping Kolin got his football practice in. Two of our children have basketball practice tonight. One indoors - one outside but both are happy cuz the high humidity left!

Thanks for the Personal Post, Kim. I've always <3 being your "bestie". :^]

Have a great night!

Amy said...

Hoping the storms passed you by safely, and your weather will be good to you today! I'm seeing that "Alex" is now a hurricane, so we'll probably get the effects of that on the 4th, up here in the north!
Happy Hump Day!

Shiela in NY said...

Hey, Kim. I just stopped by for today's post ** wink wink ** and suddenly noticed a few of the "recommended" posts ("You Might Also Like") had my name in them. I quickly figured it out that one had to do with my brother's passing back in 2008. I, of course, clicked on them and found even more to click on from back then. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. You are such an awesome cyber friend! The amount of times you posted concerns and prayer requests when Stan was sick, and eventually passed away, was so meaningful to me. Still is, as I know you know. :) And now I'm sitting here with tears flowing down my face but it's all good. I truly feel one needs to memorialize a loved one and reading your posts again and all the posts from other friends of yours has always meant so much to me. Some day I think I should copy/paste them into a little scrapbook of sorts and show them to my sister-in-law. For example, I had forgotten that my poor brother had lost 18 pounds in a week, and reading some of the other things made me realize that while they were truly sad times they are a part of my time spent with him and I cherish them, even though he was so sick. :(

WELLLL...enough said, I just wanted to say, "Thanks again, My Friend!" <3 <3


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