Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Days Crazy Days

OK I have promised myself once again because I am Sheila's addiction I am really, REALLY going to try to be more diligent about this here blog that I've been neglecting too often.

Some days I swear are soooo chilled out, like those days when we hang out in the pool and eat PB&J's on the back porch for lunch, come inside when we're completely water logged and watch movies.
Most days though are spent running here and there, errands, more grocery shopping {yea my food bill had doubled since school let out}, people to see, appointments to get to.
Those are the days I look at the computer and say "Damn, I did it again, I forgot".

So, today I'll say to myself once again, I'll do better.

Yesterday was one of those crazy days. Bear had a pool party to attend and he really had a great time. Especially since he was invited by the hostess who just so happens to be his "gal". Your more then likely to see pictures of those two soon cuz we have a photo shoot coming up. Just waiting on Miss K to get her hair did in a week or so, she is very punk and it's going to rock, plus she wants Kody in the pic's too. :0)

In the meantime, right now I just pulled out the most deliciously smelling coffee cake out of the oven and I am about to go deliver it to my man Vinny {Karlio for all of those who haven't caught up in out mad insane world yet} and his boss and his wife. Nothing better then sharing food with friends on a Sunday morning at a truck fixin' shop. lol.

Here's one of Kody that I took before he left yesterday...


Yep, that's me reflecting in his eyes. :0)

Speaking of Kody, we have a 9 AM neurologist appointment in the morning. I'll let you all know how that goes tomorrow.

Have a beautiful day everyone!!



Shiela in NY said...

BOY, do I feel better. I was starting to go into withdrawals!! :D

I was starting to get envious, envisioning lazy days by the pool but then your schedule sounded just like mine and I felt tons better, LOL!

And...I think you're pretty smart, Kim. Can't help but schmooz to the boss (coffee cake)!!! :)

Good luck at the neuro app't. tomorrow.

Amy said...

Welcome back! Kody's rockin' those shades! Can't wait to see your photo shoot...even though our summers with kids are crazy-busy, it sounds like you're enjoying it! I guess when we have those completely hectic days, those lounging by the pool days can be appreciated even more.
I was thinking about all your trips to the beach last year...has the oil affected the beach you visited? Are you planning any trips there this summer (if there's no oil)?
Have an awesome week, and hope the neuro appt goes well.

Anonymous said...

Have been thinking of you all lately. Sorry I haven't been commenting much, things have been a big rough around here the last week. Hope you are all really enjoying the kids summer vacation time. :-) Love ya, CJ
PS what were the results of Kody's visit?


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