Friday, June 11, 2010

More Kody Graduation Pix

Just a few more of my favorite 14 year old ever...





It's still so unreal to me that I have a high school freshman. I know, I know, Kody tells me everyday "Ya gotta cut the cord Mom"

But, in my defense...

Kody, My Bear,
I birthed you.
And your linebacker shoulders.
Without drugs.
Not going to happen.

And, Bear...because I love you so much and because you know how proud I am of you and because you make me laugh everyday I only have one more thing to say..

"Balls to the Wall Baby!!!!!!"

Have an awesome weekend everyone!!

Ours is going to be crazy busy. We have the Cattle Barron's Ball for the American Cancer Society tomorrow and family stuff all weekend.
It's be fun though, I'm sure. :0)




Shiela in NY said...

My goodness, does that certificate get FILLED UP with that last name of yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Love the pics, as always. Can't wait to hear what the Cattle Ball is about! Enjoy your weekend!

Amy said...

What a handsome young man! Congrats again!
Enjoy your Krazy weekend.

Caity said...

Woah, you space out for a mere nine months after keeping track the rest of the time and oh so much happens. Life goes by quickly doesn't it?

I absolutely love Kody's new hair and well, everything else. He'll probably get swamped by girls once he starts high school. Lucky guy

Anonymous said...

Great pics Kim!! Especially since they show Kody doing something he hardly EVER does for pics.....SMILE!!
He's got a gorgeous smile!! Congratulations Kody!!

Pat in CA


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