Friday, June 18, 2010

Homemade Cookies

When there's not much else to do, we bake.
OK, I bake and they eat.

And eat....

And eat........

And eat..............


Peanut butter {without the criss cross lines cuz I forgot}
Oatmeal with cranberries & raisins
Chocolate Chunks

Oh, if your thinking I'm all that and mixing up things from scratch, ummmm...Not!

I think it's Betty Crocker or someone who puts out cookie mixes in a bag {in the cake section}
All I did was toss in an egg, some water and a stick of butter and Ba Da Bing, cookies anyone can be proud of.
Oh wait, I will happily take credit for adding cranberries and raisins to the oatmeal ones. Gotta toss in the extra healthy stuff when you can, plus it tastes totally awesome. :0)

Busy day today, as Friday's always are.

Hope your T.G.I.F. is a good one!!



Shiela in NY said...

YUUMMMMM!!! Why did ya go and spill the beans about not being from scratch?! :^]

You know, I've always wondered WHY those peanut butter ones required the criss cross? My guess is so they are easily identifiable on a platter?

My kids are waiting for me to bake ANY type/style of cookies. You see, a week ago I made a batch of bar cookies (not as long in the kitchen!) but they weren't for us. I had to get them to a custodian at our school cuz he was SUCH a hero and stored my forgotten purse in a locked closet. Yes, I confess, it was a couple of months ago but I vowed I'd get some to him before the end of the school year as a thank you...! Now the kids are waiting for their own! :)


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