Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fist Pumpin' Time

Kody's 8th grade graduation ceremony was last night. At approximately 7 o'clock our Bear officially ready for this cuz I can't believe I'm about to say it.....

A High School FRESHMAN!!!!

And, out of all the 50 plus pictures I snapped last night, this one will forever be my all time favorite...


Nothing but pure, unposed, fist pumping joy, looking at his very proud Dad, brother and sister. :0)

Today is Kolin's last day and tonight we'll celebrate as a family with some billion calorie chocolate cake, as requested by my two boys, whom, btw...I have never been so proud of in my life.
This year has by far been the best year ever and to be honest, I'm kind of sad to see it end.
Want to know who's sadder? His teachers and the faculty at his school. As much as they are happy to see him reach another milestone, they don't want him to leave them.
Want to know who's saddest? Kody is. Yep, really....he absolutely LOVES school. He'd go all summer if I let him. :0)

I'll have more pictures real soon, but that one I left today couldn't wait. I'm having that enlarged and put on display. :0)

Hope everyone out there has a great day today!!



Anonymous said...

God Bless the Bear!!
Donna, NY

Shiela in NY said...

FABULOUS picture, Kim! I'm so proud of Kody! And Kolin, too, of course. How awesome when a child loves school?! :) Can't wait for more pics!!

CONGRATS, Kody, and hope you're having fun today, Kolin!


Margie said...

Congratulations Kody. What a great job.

Cheyenne said...

Congratulations, Kody! Another fantastic milestone in the life of a great kid.

Amy said...

Great photo Kim - can't wait to see the rest! Congratulations Kody...let the high school fun begin!!!
Congrats to Kolin too on a successful year.
I'll join you in the proud Mom category Kim. My 3 kiddos brought home the best report cards yesterday. I am so incredibly proud of my now, 2nd grader, 5th grader, and Senior! It's going to be a wild year.
Have an awesome start to your summer vacation.


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