Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten

Adriana made it to the final top 10 cute kids!!!
Please, please help us get her to the #1 spot for Cat Country's Cutest Kid

She's number #013 and this is what her photo that was submitted looks like...

Thank you so much to everyone out there who helped us get her this far.
I'll update again real soon..I have got to go and help Kolin with some homework. :0/

Have a beautiful night everyone!!!

Love, Kim

PS. I can't pull that magazine on-line yet, I think it may be too soon. As soon as I can get it to show ya'all..I definitely will. Oh..yes, it is a local Lake County magazine..a really nice one that is huge, in full color and just beautiful.I am still in awe.

PPSS. You would not believe how many people {friends from our hometown here in Leesburg} that we know who are reading it and can't get through it without tears {Ahem..Michelle}.
That Kody Bear of ours..he has touched alot of lives. :0)


Anonymous said...

Kody SURE HAS touched a lot of lives. I'm so glad he pulled one of my heart strings to many years ago. :0)

And...Kim, it's confession time. Did you, or did you not, tell the store clerk WHY you were buying all those magazines? I SURE WOULD HAVE!! I can't imagine the feeling you must have had, even though you knew the magazine was coming out it must have been amazing to see! :O)

Already voted for Adri...

Have a good one....

Shiela in NY

Vegas Princess said...

How many times can I vote? Hmmm maybe at work I'll use every available computer and vote multiple times. :)

I can't wait to read the article.

Sea52Jay said...

We all know how very special our Bear is(and all the K's are. It's like he's an old soul in a young body. Love ya, CJ


Voted again! Kim do you know how many times you can vote in a day?

Anonymous said...

Hopin' everything's okay down there...


Tracy said...

I voted for the cutest baby by far-Adri! She has no competition :)
I visit often and have been entertained and inspired by your blog for years now-even back when it was Kody's caringbridge site.
Love stopping by!

andreama said...

Hi Kim,
I just vited. She really is the cutest kid, so I'm sure she'll win!
Andrea and Amanda
(remember us? you did Amanda's awesome quilt)


Let us know when we can access the online mag of Kody! I'm so anxious to see the bear!

Oh and I tagged you! ;)


Anonymous said...

Okay...now I'm REEEEALLY starting to get nervous.........



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