Friday, December 26, 2008


We hope everyone's Christmas was a good one. :0)

Ours was pretty decent and very, grandbabies, toys, flying paper, and Guitar Hero World Tour which Kody and Kolin {OK, and me and Kaysha} played all day long.

I have to tell ya'all a little something about Kolin tonight. OK, here goes..
Kolin, much like his Mama, loves Guns and Roses. Kolin is mildly obsessed with Slash. Kolin would love to be Slash, at least for a day. Kolin can imitate the entire November Rain video...all almost 10 minutes of it, and he can rock me on that.
Anyway...while out Christmas shopping two days before Christmas, which, believe it or not, is when I started shopping, I walked into FYE {a music store} looking for some cool Slipknot things I knew my boys would love.
I didn't find any Slipknot but, sitting there, hanging from a wall, all by itself, with a clearance tag on it, was Slash's top hat complete with a full head of Slash's long jet black hair.
I couldn't believe it and faster then you can say "Welcome to the Jungle", that hat was mine, all mine for my kid, Slash's greatest fan.

Come Christmas morning...Kolin opened up that hat and he flipped out, 100% completely insane.
And, he hasn't taken that dang hat off yet.

Here's a few snaps from this afternoon...

The processing on them was really out of the box funky, I know...but, I figured it may have been pretty dull any other way.

Thanks for stopping by tonight...have a beautiful night everyone. :0)

Love, Kim

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Anonymous said...

OMG...Kolin looks just like him! Don't ya just love when you find something you're kid is gonna love AND it's on sale?! I'll bet he's one of the happiest kids on Earth right about now! :o)

Have a great day!

Shiela in NY


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