Sunday, December 14, 2008

Camp Boggy's Holiday Party

We had the best day ever yesterday!!!
I have lots of pics to share...I just have to get to getting them downsized, but for's three.

Kolin and Bear putting their hand prints on this years holiday banner.

And Kolin, doing what he does best...ingesting pure sugar by the handful. :0)

While we were there, we busted a move with a pretty classy band that was playing, and the crazy thing is, the lady who wrote Kody's awesome magazine article is a member of that band. Who would have thought? the midst of it all, Kody, Kolin and I got a big ole' "shout out" from the band. It was so cool.
Thank you Miss Ruth, you really made our day. :0)

Anywhos, I will have more pictures of their day up soon, but I seriously have to update the Hat site first.
Let me go run and put up a few Photographer Hat Packs, and I'll be back just as soon as I can.
See Sheila..I didn't make any promises this time. LOL!!

Have a beautiful day everyone!!!

Lots of Love,


Anonymous said...

Hey, K-Klan! So glad you enjoyed your time at the Boggy Creek Holiday Party! (Kody, what's up with the hawk? I thought you were growing that out?!)

Kolin...that cotton candy looks awesome!! (We don't get that much, what with a diabetic living in the house.)

How COOL that the author of the magazine article was in the band yesterday?! (BTW, did you ever find out if there's a link to the article?)

Welp...I gotta go...SURVIVOR is on (that is like your DH, Kim!).

Have a great day tomorrow!


Jenner said...

Glad you had a good time at the Boggy Creek party. Hey Kody, I'm lovin' the hawk!

Jen from WI

Anonymous said...

I confess...I was by last night but decided to not appear as a Total Stalker and leave a comment. Tonight's a different story! :o)

Hoping you're all having a good week. We have yet another (crappy) storm headed our way. Ice/slush/freezing rain. Sure wish it would just SNOW!!!

Kody, I wanted to let you know that I thought of YOU when we purchased some dog and cat food to donate to our daughter's school. They are having a Pet & Human Food Drive. I know that has been your Christmas wish in past years, and I think that's awesome! :o)

Gotta run...have a great one.

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

It's Shiela the Stalker. I have come by every night since my comment on Sunday...not findin' any posts...going into withdrawal...startin' to wonder if everything is okay down there...

...and decided to go ahead and leave another comment under the same post...!



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