Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's Tomorrow Somewhere, Isn't It?

LOL, I should have known better..I really should have known. OK, I promise to never promise again, and that's a promise. :0)

So, yesterday was a busy surprise. Last night the boys helped out with PWCST black belt testing, and that was really cool. Afterwards, while we waited for Kayara and Adriana to walk back from the Leesburg Christmas parade, Kolin had a few minutes to himself on a completely empty karate floor and of course, because Kolin is Kolin..he couldn't go without pummeling a couple training dummy things.

This is a pretty snotty photo cuz my speedlight {external flash} was acting like a snot, and he was moving way faster then me or the camera could keep sorry about the quality, but ya'all get the idea.

It looks like Bear's Mohawk days may be coming to an end, as he has decided that he wants to grow his hair out long too. His decision made by a few brats in school that can't seem to take the hint "hands off the shunt". I'll miss that "hawk", but I'm sure one day it'll be back.

Welp, my friends and family that I love..let me get going and see if perhaps I can get a few snaps of Bear before it gets too late...or he leaves me to go toss a football around again.
Next weekend...Christmas pic's for sure, no matter what the little hellions say. ;0)

Have a great day everyone!!!

Love, Kim


Anonymous said...

I LOL about the title of your blog, Kim! :o)

Great pic of Kolin's kick. I think I would have pain for 3 days straight if I tried something like that!!

You know what, Kody? We'd all love ya if you were bald!! :)

Have a great night, K-Klan.

Shiela in NY

Our Legacy Portraits said...

Glad to see your back!!! I hope you have a wonderful & relaxing week! Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kim- a little girl in Wisconsin needs some extra prayers!!

Kim said...

Lots of prayers being sent from our family. Everybody...join us please. :0)


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