Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Little Bit'a K n' K

Just because I couldn't stay off tonight and mostly because I wanted to shock the bajeezes out of Sheila. LOL!!

Three of the "Double Trouble" kids..

Till tomorrow....


PS. Scroll down to my post below to see our Cat Country Cutest Kid winner!!! :0)


Allie said...

May I just say that I love the photography in this post. I found you through huntinandlivin's blog. Nice work with you photoshopping techniques, I think I will browse around here a little bit.


Anonymous said...


That's me (in my best possible way...!), falling over and then climbing back up to the screen. You outdid yourself, Kim, and surprised me with a SECOND update for yesterday. And CAN YOU BELIEVE this was the first time in days (weeks?) that I didn't stop by between 5:20 & 6:10 AM?! [Okay...confession time...WE OVERSLEPT!!!]

LOVE the pics of the boys...Kolin's gettin' more handsome by the day. (Maybe I SHOULDN'T consider moving closer...I do believe Kolin and my daughter are the same age...!)

Now to my confession...when I saw there were pics, and it was partly meant to shock me, I secretly, deeply, privately wondered if maybe ... just maybe ... you'd dug one out of the archives that you "promised", oh...about 4 months ago!! :P Sorry...couldn't resist!! :)

Have a great night, and I'll be by later to see if you have an update for tonight!! :O)

Shiela in NY

acutescrubnurse said...

Kim, Congrats on your photo winner!! Proud Grandma, thats for sure.
Hey, I took your little tip about using the seat belt in the shopping cart, and used it today!! I of course, forgot the thing was buckled in, so went to grab it and well, you know.....but it was a great idea, and I will be using it all the time now!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you're having a good week and everything's okay down there...

Shiela in NY


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