Monday, December 8, 2008

Shopping Tip #1...Purse Safety

Christmas shopping is in full swing, I know this because I am a die-hard Wal-Mart shopper..and when it takes me more time standing on line to pay for my kids food stuff then it does to pick up a few hundred groceries, read all the celebrity scandal mag's at the register, eat a king sized Hershey bar one bag Bold Party Chex Mix and a Cola, pass out $5.00 worth of quarters to my two boy hellions for the arcade room, run back and pick up five forgotten items, get 24 photos developed, and set up my cell phone voice mail, my senses tell shopping is alive and well here in sunny Leesburg.

Shoppers are buzzing and shoplifters and purse snatchers are around too. I haven't seen any yet..but they are there, I've been told.

Now, because my purse holds everything important in my life, gum, tums, strawberry lip gloss, glasses lens cleaner, 47 pens and highlighters {I know..I know, I just love them too much to part}, two to-do books, an unbalanced checkbook, 98 receipts, a polka dot umbrella and oh keys and wallet, I know I can't be too safe. It's mine, I'm keeping it and hell's to the no to all you Grinches out there, you ain't gettin' it.

What I do everyday, not just during the madness of the holiday rush, but all the time is a very simple way of keeping what's mine right there in front of me and not taken by some sticky fingered weirdo.

Now...while I don't have small young un's anymore this may be a small problem for those who do., very short and sweet...take the baby seat harness safety clips located right there on your shopping cart and clip the handle of your purse in them.
BaaDaa Bing, BaaDaa Boom..that's it.
Seriously..this takes 2 seconds and could very well keep your purse from being grabbed by some Scrooge who would love nothing more then to do some shopping with your hard earned cash.

BTW..I don't claim to be a professional safety expert..I just wanted to share what I know works for me. And, I've had plenty a man, woman and even a police officer tell me it's a darn good idea. Try it, please, for this here face...

LOL, see that..I knew you'd do it for him. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!!!

Love, Kim


Debbie said...

That's funny Kim, as I do the same thing with the safety straps and my purse!!

Cute pic of Kody Bear. He's sure growing up!!

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kim! You know, I've never thought of that idea! I will certainly try it. Just this weekend I asked our #2 child to "watch my purse" (and her sibling) while I went around the corner for a quick sec. Came back and she was standing with her back to the purse, hands beside herself. YIKES! At least she was watching the higher prized item (sibling)! :o)

I'm so glad your update was a TIP. When I read the headline my heart sank, and I thought you were a victim. (BTW, loved the description of your purse contents!)

Hope everyone's doing fine down there. Have a GREAT day!

Shiela in NY

Dot O said...

Great idea, Kim. Sometimes I will even go without the handbag and put the $$ in a front pocket of my pants - I think I'd end up with a double hernia if my handbag contained what yours does!! LOL.

BTW, I may have to order two more hats from you but I'll wait until after Christmas. My hubby saw the two I got and asked, "did she make one for each of us?" I then had to break it to him that I only got them for the kids. He thought they were so cool!!! So, if you have that color yarn still laying around, let me know!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Great idea and OH SO SIMPLE!!


Anonymous said...

It's not 100 % gaurantee, but I always use that "safety" belt on shopping carts, & fasten it to my purse straps,, that way, if someone were to try to steal my purse, it is attaached to the safety belt on the cart, & makes it a little harder for them to just lift & run. Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

I have known of SEVERAL people who do the same thing as you and have had their wallets stolen right out of their purses!!! The best thing to do is just keep it on your shoulder. It is sad that it has gotten to this but it has. :-(

Have a wonderful Christmas and keep blogging!! It is fun for me since my Dad lives in Leesburg so some of the places you talk about are familiar! :-)


Kim said...

I do this same thing and have for a couple of years. I also make sure my purse is zipped up and the wallet is buried somewhere near the bottom. Someone would have to work a little harder to snatch it--and my eye is never off it for more than a couple of seconds at a time.
I never thought to blog about this tip--great idea!

Allie said...

I also strap in my purse. I zip or snap it closed also.


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