Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

I'll be back to regular blogging by tomorrow, I really will. :0)

We've just been trying to squeeze in alot of work hours and after school activities this last week till the kids are on Christmas vacation.
Their last day is this Friday and they don't go back till Jan. 5th.
And, to top it all off..I have not done a stitch of Christmas shopping. :0(
I'm also a Christmas card neglector this in order to stay going "green", I'm going to put together a virtual one. I know, I's just a fancy excuse for "I never got a Christmas card made".
Well, let me go see at what kind of photos from this past weekend I can round up, so I have something for tomorrow.

All hat orders are being shipped tomorrow {thank you Karlio}. Enjoy them!!

OK everyone, as always..I have to run.

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


Sea52Jay said...

I was in Wisconsin visiting my mom over the weekend, it was like 4 degrees but the wind chill was 23 below!!!!! I was sooooo glad to get back to real weather in Florida, lol. Hope you are hanging in, don't stess. I loved the pics from Boggy Creek. Love ya, CJ

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kruppenbachers! I hear ya about the busy schedule, and cramming every single last activity in before the holiday break. Isn't it crazy?!

Sadly, I can also relate about the shopping that still needs to be done...and the presents that still need to be wrapped and shipped...and the Christmas cards I INSIST on getting out this year (we've skipped the last two years...certain people will think we've fallen off the face of the Earth!).

Hope ya have a great day. We're hunkerin' down for a winter storm tomorrow. Supposedly we could get between 6-12" of the white fluffy stuff. And then another storm on Sunday. Keeping our fingers crossed -- ! There's nothing like a white Christmas, and something outside to keep the kiddos busy! :o)

Have a great one!

Shiela in NY
a.k.a. Your Favorite Stalker :)


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