Monday, March 9, 2009

Young Love

Yes my friends, it had to happen one day.
This is our Bear...our "Little Bear" all getting grown up.

(click on photo to view bigger...if you dare)

So, am I like the only one here who's heart is just a little on the broken side? I don't ever recall telling him it was OK to grow up. :0)

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

BTW, Props to Kaysha for snapping that memory for me today.


Debbie Jean said...

Oh No!!! Why do kids have to go and grow up? Hard to believe he is that grown up but it had to happen. darn it...LOL..Remind him, he'll always be our "Kody Bear".

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Teresa Pomerantz said...

a stab to the Mommy heart- that is so sweet though!

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Kody, you're NOT supposed to be this old already!!!

Wonder if you're proud as can be, though, that mom put this pic on her blog?! :0)

Shiela in NY

Cathy Bowman said...

"Kody Bear Keep your hands to your self and march to your room right now! You have exactly 5 minutes to put a stop to all this growing up stuff"!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!!!!! Sigh......Oh Kody Bear the Mom in me is sad to see you grow up but happy at the same time. I love you like you are one of my own. Kim- How tall is Kody Bear these days???
What is Kaysha up too lately????? Loved the pictures of Kolin!!!!! All of your kids are so gorgeous!!!! I miss your blogs so so much But I know you are busy. I must run and get some sleep. I love all of you guys!!!!!!!!!


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