Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Man

Stopping by this morning to say..

Have a GREAT day today everyone!!

Gotta get myself out of here and to work this morning.

I took these a couple nights ago of "Little Man". I love that kid so much...no matter what, he can always make me laugh till it hurts. :0)

*Click On Image To View Larger*

OK..I am late, LOL, as usual.

Later Gators!!



Teresa Pomerantz said...

Hey Kim- he is so good looking- fyi- I think the first one you went over board brightening his eyes- the whites are too white. but the second is more natural

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Kolin. Do you have a magic eye? In that first pic it looks like your left eye is looking off to the left. Our Last of the Litter has the "talent" of moving one eye while the other stays straight. ICK! :)

Thanks for sharing the pics, Kim. Hope you weren't too late for work!



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