Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Simple Life

True happiness comes from within, surrounded by the people you love, enjoying nothing more then each others company.

These last two are my happiness. :0)

I grew up on a beach...actually it was a lake called Sparkle Lake. My Mom had a hot dog/snack wagon and everyday she'd bring me, my brother and sister with her. Us kids would hang on the beach all day and at lunchtime we always knew where to go.
When I watch my two boys play in the water, the sand...burying each other and building mansions {not castles, so they say}, chasing the seagulls, taking walks close to shore, catching marine life in bright colored buckets, and making new friends but never splitting up the brother twosome, I get reminded of life as a kid..a long, long time ago. LOL!
When I look into the eyes of those two I am reminded that their Dad and I are responsible for their childhood memories that one day they will look back upon through the eyes of their own children.
Spending the warm weather months living the simple life, coaxing seagulls to grab pieces of bread out of their hands are what sweet memories are made of..at least I think so anyway. :0)

Have a beautiful day everyone...go ahead and make some sweet memories today, you'll be so happy you did.

Love, Kim



Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pictures!

Dot O said...

"We are makin' memories" - my husband's favorite mantra when the kids were small...... these simple things matter more than anything else in the world!

You have a great day too, Kim!


acutescrubnurse said...

Kim, was wondering if you have room in your home/heart for a responsible almost 40 yr old (that would be me!) and a responsible 16 yr old (my son) Your pictures are making my heart ache for Florida. Go to my blog and check out what we got this morning....again.
Needing a little sunshine,

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Kim. Oh, so true. Just this morning I heard that sales of board games are on the rise. Gee...'going back' to the day when families actually sat and enjoyed each other's company rather than running all over who-knows-where, spending all sorts of money on admissions and food counters. It makes me think of a family we saw in a restaurant a couple of years ago. In came the parents and 3 (possibly 4?) children. Each child sat down and immediately started playing their Gameboy/electronic game. Dad sat down and was immediately on his cell phone or whatever he had. They stuck their nose in their menus, went right back to their electronics, ordered, went right back to their electronics again. You guessed it...they barely had a 'family meal' at all, and here they had the perfect opportunity since they were "stuck" in a restaurant together!!

Thanks for the great reminder! How's Kody feeling?

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

What great pics - when we were in Florida the 1st part of February I could really get used to beach life as could our 3 boys. They LOVED the beaches and we hit Clearwater beach, Miami beach and Daytona. I guess instead of the beaches our memories will be at the farm pond fishin for bass. That's how it is in Missouri ;)
Hugs from Missouri,


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