Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Together Again

Kyle's been home for one week as of today and we are so happy.
Almost complete.
His Dad looked so forward to this day, I wish he could have been here for this.
No matter what the kids have done, his love for them never ended, he always had their back, he always told them how much he loved them.


"Three Brothers, One Tear...Death Before Dishonor"

That saying is actually a tattoo that ultimetly in the near future they will all have.

"Three Brothers" {that's obvious}
"One Tear" {related by blood 100% same Mom, same Dad..they all cry the same tear}
"Death Before Dishonor" {they have vowed to each other to choose death before ever dishonoring one another}

It might seem crazy to some, but that is them and I love them.

Have a great day everyone!! :)



Lisa said...

I think your boys look wonderful, especially all back together. People are human, even our kids, and they make mistakes. It's what they do with those mistakes that matter, not the mistakes themselves. I'm rooting for Kyle, for all your kids and heck, for my own kid, as well. Like I said, they're all human. At least they all, yours and mine, know how much they are loved and that gives them an edge, I hope. :-)

Anonymous said...


I am so happy for your family that Kyle is back with you. I am also really inspired that the boys have each made this commitment to each other. It gives them each a reason to choose the path that will make their brothers proud, even if its not the easiest path. It is wonderful that they have each other's backs like that. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy New Year.


Cheyenne said...

There is nothing stronger than the bond of three brothers. It's also nice that they have each others backs. They all look great!

Donna said...

Thinking about all the K family today and tomorrow.

Donna said...

Thinking about the entire K family today, tomorrow and throughout the holidays. Take care.

Anonymous said...


I am so happy Kyle is home with your family. Karl is there as he always is with you....he has to be so happy that your family is back together. God Bless you all~

Debby from Ohio


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