Sunday, December 30, 2012

As 2012 comes to a close, I've wondered a I really ready to shut the blog down?

My life in 2013, I am pretty sure will take some dramatic changes.
Another grandchild.
Hopefully a busy photography business.
Dysfunctional family drama {I never claimed to be perfect lol}
More tears.
Laughter and an almost filled heart again.
A new relationship.

Is the blog world ready for this? Hell, am I ready for this?
Well..I could really live without the drama.
Grandchildren are always a blessing.
A lot less weight on my shoulders as a single Mom if I can stay busy and maintain financial stability.
Tears are OK, I don't still shows the love I have for a man I wish I never had to live without.
Laughing feels soooooo good sometimes, I actually hardly ever feel guilty for it anymore..well, OK, maybe sometimes. I guess that's natural.

A new relationship...yeah, that's the big one.
I am loved, cherished and respected. I love him too. He makes me feel...I don't know, like I am the center of his existence, his everything, like there is nothing he wouldn't do if I ask.
Yes, I'm ready....but, is everyone else?

What if I came on here one day and introduced this is M, M this is my blog world, my friends and family who have seen me through the best and the worst times of my life.
Would it be wrong? Would it be OK?
Lord knows...I struggle with this every single day.

I have a ton of thinking to do, a bunch of decisions to make and a whole lot of asking for guidance from above.

I really hope I don't make the wrong choice.

Till then, and as always...I hope the very best for all of you. A wonderful end to 2012 and a beautiful beginning to 2013. I pray this is your year to shine!!

Love you all very much!!!!!

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Leeann said...

It's your decision, always.

That having been said, I'll offer up my very humble opinion-

Any friend of yours who doesn't support a new relationship in your life (assuming he is a GOOD man, and I do believe he is) is not truly a friend of yours.

People who love you will want you to be happy and cared for and loved. It's a basic human right. You would never have wished Karl gone and you will always love him. How blessed you are to find love again.

Anyone who can't see that, can't be on board with that.. why do you need that negativity in your life?

Polly said...

Would LOVE to see you continue the blog in any capacity. I hope you consider it. I think the readers would like to meet your new friend. It would in no way diminish the love you had for Vinny, who would want you to be happy again. XOXOX

Would REALLY miss your photography too!

Anonymous said...

It's YOUR blog and YOUR life! Everyone wants to see you happy again and finding your way. As for dysfunctional family, show me one that isn't! :)
Best of Luck to you in 2013

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and would be sad to see it go. I have followed for a long time from the Caringbridge site, but I have never commented before. All your posts are real and full of love for your family. I hope this new year is wonderful, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

My vote...keep it up! Please!

Sherry said...

Kim,1through 5 comments..I ditto them all!Happy new beginnings the world is your oyster!

Susantwilhelm said...

Do it!!! Those who really love you want you to be loved and happy!!!

Susantwilhelm said...

Tnose who know and love you, cannot or should not deny you love for the remainder of your young life. Do it!!!!

Miss Judy said...

Kim, Kim, Kim...YES, leave the blog up...I won't have to get on Facebook then. :-) YES, I'd like to meet your new love, why not??!!! Karl's life on earth ended, not yours. You have every right to get on with your life and be as happy as you can be. You've always done for your family, now do for YOU! Those people you don't think will they ask you first when they make decisions? This is YOUR life, Kim...LIVE IT! Have a fantastically
wonderful 2013! You deserve it!
Hugs and Blessings,

CJ said...

Listen to your heart, yes you loved your husband and always will, but you can love again, just a new and different love. Why should you spend the rest of your life alone. We all need love. I am a seamstress and am making a wedding gown for a beautiful woman who is 77 years old, yes she is so in love with her new man,75 years old and so excited after so many years alone to be in love and not alone. Now that is a love story. So you are young, if he treats you like a lady and loves you the way you want, go for it. You can still and will always love your "Vinney". As for the blog, I don't comment often, but would sure miss you. Life is to short.....BE HAPPY

Anonymous said...

I love what Leeann said. Completely agree. You need to do what is right for YOU. We are all here to support you and hope we get to follow along in your journey through life. You are a beautiful person and deserve nothing but happiness and love.

Anonymous said...

I would hate to see you give this blog up, i have been reading since the Caring Bridge days. You are entitled to move on with your life , you deserve to be happy, don't let anyone tell you different.
Donna, NY

Michelle said...

Kim - remember you have to do what you feel is right in your heart. It is a tough decision for you to make. I hope you keep your blog though because I like reading about your family and have followed your family since 2003 through Kody's site.

I hope you and your family have a great New Years :) 2013 is your year!


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I hope you stick with us.

Anonymous said...

I have followed for a long time. I wish you the best in life and a wonderful 2013. Enjoy the is yours.

Betsey said...

I think you absolutely deserve to be happy and to let the world know. It doesn't sound to me like you are disrespecting Vinnie and what he meant to you in any way. To me it sounds like your husband loved you so much he would want you to be happy and cherished. There doesn't seem to be anything better than that. How lucky a lady you are to keep finding great men! I wish you the best, as others have said the decision is yours, and good luck in whatever choice you make.

The Professional Bag Lady said...

I sure hope you'll keep the blog up... I think writing is cathartic and sometimes we just need to vent - and who better to vent to than us - your cyber friends...

I am so glad that you've found love again... it's not the same and we all know that... so PLEASE - introduce him to us, we're going to stand behind you what ever your choice - but I think he would enjoy it as much as anyone...

So excited to see your photos online - you are one amazingly talented woman...

Having followed you for so many years - I can't imagine not seeing your beautiful self online in blog form.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to following the ups and downs in your life as you journey on. I've been here for seven years now and I'd feel like I'd lost a friend if you discontinue your blog. I wish you the best in 2013.

Vickie P. said...

For so many years now a large and mostly faceless group of us peeping toms have been "looking through the glass" as you bared your life to us.I would guess the majority of us started this journey with you on Caringbridge-many of us having our own personal rerlationship with a kid with cancer. We stayed because of your honest writing-your ability to state it like it is. We became voyers in your life-the ultimate reality show fans-and it has been sometimes too much reality,as I think we all were hit in the gut when Vinnie was killed. Sometimes I wonder at myself for the need to click on a strangers page-read about their life-but then I think it all boils down to one thing-you ARE like family to us after ALL these years-and what happens in your life actually matters to us. What was a cathardic process for you became an open letter to many,many fans who at all times are in your corner. I know we hope you will continue to post,but respect that you may be ready to finally live off the grid. I am sure all your fans wish you the utmost happiness and joy as you move forward.

A beautiful quote by Rose Kennedy is a wonderful reminder that life goes on: “Birds sing after a storm; why shouldn't people feel as free to delight in whatever remains to them?”

May you sing very loud and clear,Kim!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with everyone!

We all want to see you happy and in love again! We will always be your support and have your back! Please reconsider keeping the blog, even if you update every so often. :') I really like to read about the K's.

I am looking forward to meeting M and seeing pics of your new home.

God Bless You & wishing you a beautiful 2013!
Debby from Ohio

Anonymous said...

Judge me not.... till you have walked in my shoes!

My family puts the FUN in Dysfunctional......

Live your life! Vinnie wants you to be happy!


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