Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This morning I dropped Kolin off at High School for his first day of "Freshman Camp". Freshman? High School?

What ever happened to my surfer hair, Buzz Lightyear loving little boy? I'm not loving this much. :)

Anyway, my two last kids in the same school...this is it for me, the last two...the last school. Going through life alone at this point is a little scary. I have got to get a grip on myself, keep my heart open or wait to be with My Vinny?

Here's some pictures of Kolin I took a couple months ago and just realized I never put any of them on here. Oops...

KOLIN EASTER 2012 002 copy

KOLIN EASTER 2012 012 copy

KOLIN EASTER 2012 021 copy

KOLIN EASTER 2012 030 copy

Your not imaging things, he is taller then Kody at 6 feet, shoes are a 12 and he's only going to be 15 this month. :)

Have a great day everyone...we're going to jump in the pool a while.


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