Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adriana's Easter

She was such trooper, no let me rephrase that...she's a diva, always was and always will be.
So, when I say it took less then ten minutes to take these, I am so serious...cuz if there is one thing diva's don't like is windy days and trying to balance a hat.
But, for me she will....well, OK for me and a bag of gummi bears. :)

EASTER ADRIANA 2012 028 copy


EASTER ADRIANA 2012 022 copy

Just for fun..she was trying to hard to keep that hat on. She'd hold it and when I yelled "Now", she'd take her hands off.
Sometimes it worked...

EASTER ADRIANA 2012 019 copy

And most of the time it didn't.
Good Bye hat...

EASTER ADRIANA 2012 024 copy

My Angel Vinny's birthday is tomorrow. He would have been 56.
Although he may not physically be with us, we know in spirit he is, so we'll be celebrating with a slow cooked in the oven all day ribs, a beach themed birthday cake and balloons with notes written on them.
The kids and I plan to do this every year, forever.
It's a new tradition that we'll keep in our hearts. :)



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Karl. I think about you more then anyone will ever know.
Peace from the Northeast.

Kim said...

Thank you :)


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