Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking Over

I really worry about Kolin. He is hell bent on making sure that I know it is his job and his job only to take over where his Dad left off. He tells me all the time, he is the man who Daddy left in charge. This kills me cuz there is so much stress and sadness sometimes and he shouldn't always have to hold it in just to make everyone feel better believing he is strong.
Just for the record...he breaks down quite often too, but he never realizes that I know.

KolinJan2012 013 copy

KolinJan2012 018 copy

KolinJan2012 022 copy

KolinJan2012 027 copy

KolinJan2012 013 copy 2

Life goes on....
Though your miles away, and I miss you.




Anonymous said...

he looks tough, yet sad.

Anonymous said...

Kim -- Can only imagine how difficult these days are for all of you. Know that you are all in my daily thoughts and prayers. Praying that you and yours find the peace you are so deserving of. I know that Karl is always with you. Hugs.
Linda in Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

He looks so sad. Such a heavy burden on his shoulders.


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