Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kickin' Cancers Ass For TEN Years!!

Ten years ago today we looked into the tear filled eyes of the Dr., all of us stunned speechless as he handed Karl and I the results of Kody's very first Brain MRI at age 6 1/2.
None of us knew what the future held, grim...that's all that could be said.
"I will pray for your little boy" were the only words that Dr. could get out.

Ten years ago we were told our son would be with us about another year and his quality of life would be horrible as that tumor would quickly & painfully take over his brain before it stopped his heart forever.

Ten years ago who could have predicted this 16 year old would still be with us today, healthy, strong, funny, kind, loved and cherished.
His Daddy did...all those years ago, his Daddy stood strong and said to him "Kody, you remember where you came from, we are tough ass hell raising New Yorkers and we don't take shit from nobody, especially this tumor. You fight with all your might and I will fight right along with you."

Ten years ago I was the only one in this world who witnessed that man break down on his knees begging God to take him and not his precious little boy.

True to his word, he was with Bear every step of the way. Every appointment, every good day, every bad day, holding him up when he couldn't walk, feeding him when he couldn't hold a spoon, praying and even swearing to God over his boy's seizing nine year old body.
True to his word and his wishes, he left us first, so that when it is our time to pass, he will be the very first one we see, we hold, we walk with. Always the protector.

That's what Daddy's do, don't they?


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Kody, You are my hero, my inspiration and my best friend.
Keep kickin' ass baby, we are ALL so proud of you!!!!!!
Love you forever, and ever and ever...Mom :)



Meredith said...

That is so awesome. This just shows who is really in control. And what a positive, cancer-kicking attitude can do.

And it seems crazy that it's been almost a decade that I've been following your family!


Dot O said...

WTG Kody!! While I didn't follow at that very, very beginning, you were just going on 8 years old when I did start following your journey. You showed cancer what's what!!

Kim, you and your family are truly inspirations to all of us.

Keep on keepin' on!

Miss Judy said...

Keep kicking cancer's ass Kody, cause we love you, too!!!!! =)

tricia said...

wow...ten years!!!!!! congrats KODY

Cheyenne said...

Like a lot of your posts, this one also brought tears to my eyes.
You and your family are a wonderful inspiration to so many of us, and for that I thank you.

Tracey said...

What a handsome boy you have! You have every right to be so proud! What strength it takes to fight cancer!!! Kody sure is one strong kid! Wishing him years of health ahead of him!!!

Lisa Schueler said...

WAY TO GO KODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kody and Kim, you constantly amaze me and truly are my heros!!! I have stalked, I mean followed ;) you guys for years and am so proud of the man that you've become, Kody!! Keep up the ass kickin!! You are showing the rest of the world how to do it with style and grace!! :)

Sara in Atlanta

Anonymous said...



Jenner said...

AWESOME!!! Keep kickin' cancer's ass Kody! Love, hugs & prayers from WI, Jen

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo Kody! That's so awesome! Keep on doing what you're doing! That is definitely something to Celebrate!!!!

God Bless You & Lots of Prayers!


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