Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Thirty Two Years...we would have been together that long today.
One crazy just by chance meeting in a High School cafeteria was all it took to start a love so strong even death couldn't take that away.

We always dreamed of growing old together, holding hands walking into restaurants, getting our senior citizen discounts. Still madly in love, even with the saggy baggy eye lids and the wrinkles and the gray hair...two crazy old people loving each other always.

Today, as busy as I was running errands...that man of mine let me know he was there.
Starting with me leaving the high school parking lot at seven this morning, the pick up truck in front of me had a bumper sticker that said "I Love My Wife"...staring right at me. Almost as if it was supposed to be put right in front of me, so I could see it and smile.
I feel him right next to me during these times.
At least six times today when I got back in the car and turned on the radio...there it was, another song the two of us shared so many times throughout these years.
It was amazing, it really was.
Times like that I can only smile...smile and say "I love you too".

I hope he can still check in on the blog. He used to joke that the blog was the only way he had of knowing what was going on around here.
I hope he can Facebook too because there are still so many times I will pour my heart and soul out to that man.

I hope he can see what our new grandchild will look like, and I hope he can see the little spitfire this one still is....



She is just like her Grammpa as far as being a hell raiser {she really fits into our family!} and she takes after her Gramma for her love of all things homemade knitted, especially if they are purple. :)

Tonight, as to not break tradition...the boys and I will have dinner with candlelight. Never anything special...just chili dogs and a whole lot of love and memories of the most beautiful man ever.

I hope your reading this right now Vinzo...I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

Kim, it just breaks my heart that your love was taken away! But you are right, death will not take your amazing love from you, you and Karl are proof of that!!

I am so happy that he gave you signs and I pray that you always will get a bunch of signs from him. Thank you so much for sharing.

God Bless You.

Nancy said...

Kim, I guarantee that Karl can see you from where he is at. He has the best seat in the House. He sees all, is all and loves all. He is only in a different demension of time and only transfered to a different way of living. I am so very sorry for the loss of Karl. Sadly, I will be joining him soon. I dream of him and he comes to me when I hurt the most and I dont feel like fighting anymore. When I feel the next breath may be my last, he is there. I've seen him. He wanted you to know that he wasnt "cold".
God bless you, and thanks to your Karl, I know I am going to Heaven.
God bless you angel


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