Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Playing....

As of lately these days, I've been spending more and more time trying to stay warm watching them play instead of documenting them playing.
Except for a couple days ago, I couldn't help it, I caved in, I stalked them, I pulled out the paparazzi identity.
They actually, for once, didn't really care. I guess giving them a break can be a good thing.

So, anyway, they were outside, taking advantage of a chilly late afternoon, throwing the football around, trying to keep a positive Jets attitude after last weeks play like a bunch of girls disaster.
Tomorrow we'll be eating some sushi...I hope. lol.



Air Bump...


And just because I think he has some really pretty green eyes when he is wearing green...


We have had a pretty busy weekend starting. Let's see, Vinny and I spent much of the day yesterday {he had a day off, imagine that??} running errands and doing some Christmas shopping for the boys.
Kody stayed home with a nasty headache, but around 6 last night he finally felt well enough for us to drag ourselves out to the Chinese buffet place and have some dinner out.
Then over to Bealls {it's a Florida only store, awesome clothes, loves it}, which was just a walk away where we found Kody a sweet pair of Nikes {for Christmas} on sale for $44.00 which was a huge difference from what our mall wanted, like over $100.00. For a pair of shoes, really?
Anyway, long story short...when your buying shoes for a 15 year old in a size 13, $44 doesn't sound bad, not bad at all.

Today the boys and I are headed over to Camp Boggy Creek for the annual holiday party and tonight the bunch of us are going over to Light Up Leesburg, Venetian Gardens to see the lights and listen to some music.

Tomorrow night is Kolin's football banquet and Monday is more dr. appt's in Kissimee for me.

Busy is good, busy is also tiring. :0)

Hope your all having an awesome weekend!!



tcsTenor said...

We have a Bealls here in Texas and it's located in our mall! So, it's not just a Florida only store. :)

Shiela in NY said...

Busy can make us tired AND broke, but they all sound like fun things (except your doc appointments, Kim). Sounds like lots of fun...hope you're enjoying the weekend!

BTW, I sent you an email...

Amy said...

I want to start off by saying how much I love Kolin's new hair. I love that he donated it, he's an awesome kid! I just can't believe how much your boys have grown-up! I have followed for years and fell in love with you all!! Even if you are Jet's fans! LOL I hope you have a great weekend!! Much love & prayers

Kim said...

tcsTenor said...

"We have a Bealls here in Texas and it's located in our mall! So, it's not just a Florida only store. :)"

Oh wow, our commercials lie then, they keep telling us "Bealls, it's a Florida thing".
It is a really cool store though, isn't it, I mean where else at Christmastime can you buy a singing and dancing palm tree and flamingo, seriosuly I took pics of it the other night. lol

Merry Christmas!!!!

Kim said...

We loves you too {{HUG}}

Kim said...

Talk time, we need some serious girl talk time. How about when the kiddos are on Christmas vacation, maybe we will have less running to do? lol

Shiela in NY said...

I'm sure HOPING for a little down time while the kids are off school. It would be LOVELY to talk on the phone again.

BTW, I rather miss Bealls...when Great Gram was still able to shop she SHOPPED AT BEALLS and sent us all sorts of nice things (no lighted palm trees, thank God!)!!!! She loved the store and always headed for the clearance racks!! :)

How'd your appointments go??? Any answers???

Luv ya!

Maloy said...

SHE'S ALIVE!!! Where the heck have you BEEN! I was worried.

I was wondering... after cutting so much hair Kolin's head must feel like a carrot in a barrel in that helmet. Or does it have inside pads to adjust the... well, the head volume?

Also, is Kolin a lefty?

Don't disappear like that again.

Maloy said...

"Oh wow, our commercials lie then".

So it never occurred to you that Home Depot's commercials strangely coincide with "hurricane watch"? :-))

"Bealls, it's a Florida thing".

I bet they say the same about crocodiles. You Americans are SO gullible! Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction... tsk tsk tsk.


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