Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Heartagram Hat

Just my Bear in his new hat...



Look closely at that second one. See it? A tiny lil' mustache growing and some chin hair {that he refuses to let me tweeze off}.
A lot of you I know have been watching that boy grow up since he was something like 7 years old. Can you believe that is the same kid with the spikey hair and big toothless smile.
Sigh....they do grow up fast, but my baby he will always be. :0)

It's been real busy around here. Our oldest daughter is down for a week from NY, we've been doing lots of shopping, last minute stuff, cookie baking and generally just having a lot of fun times. The boys are spending literally every second with her. Even going to the Racetrac for icees is a cool thing for them, they love it and it's gets them out of my hair for oh, 15 minutes. lol.

This Thursday I was asked to take photos of a brand spanking new baby girl. she was just born this past Saturday so I really can't wait to break out the camera again. That thing has been stuffed in the closet neglected for a while now. It'll be real sweet to get my groove back again.

Other then that, things are normally insane around here...which is a good thing.

Take care everyone, dinner won't make itself so it looks like I better get on it.



Sea52Jay said...

Glad to hear that your house is full for the holidays. I was just thinking that same thing when I saw the picture of Kody, I still have the bookmark on my board with him as a little boy, missing front teeth and that spikey hair.
The color change this year in Florida has been amazing, Hope you have had time to get out and see it. I have only a few pictures. Have a great and safe holiday girl. Love ya lots, CJ

Maloy said...

I remember the first time I saw Kody on CB. I came to your page from Gooch's one, another Italian family. (Remember him? I wonder how HE looks now, he is the same age with Kody.) Oh, what a gang it was! You, Goochie's Mom, Banana Dad, Zach's Dad. My wife kept telling me I'm a heartless son of a bitch, because I would go to the cancer kids support pages and LAUGH MY ASS OFF!

And I DO remember THAT Kody. But somehow him being so big now doesn't really shock me all that much. And I think it's your "fault" - you photographed almost every day of his life. :-)) Good job, momsy! :-P

Shiela in NY said...

OMG - FACIAL HAIR? It can't be!!! Where the heck did the time go??? Luckily my kid that's Kody's age is light haired so I'm not finding much in the facial hair area! Arm pits...that's another story! :D

Glad you are having fun family time. Wish I had 5 minutes to call. 4 out of 5 of us ended up sick the last few days. Lousy timing, but as our daughter reminded me...last year it started on Christmas Eve and lasted through a couple days after. Except, of course, for the Princess herself. She never catches it. Helps that she locks herself in her room - lol!

Hope you're getting everyting checked off your list...


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