Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Starbucks Day

Because it was chilly out this morning and I had to wear a sweater for the first three hours in chilly but nice 63 degree weather.

Because they sent me a postcard for a free whatever I wanted last week but I didn't get out till today.

Because the boys are in school, Vinny is at work and Kaysha is in NY.

Because it's been a crazy week and I feel like a drama queen today.

Because every time I try to leave the house on my own my family acts like I've broken the 11th Commandment; Thou shall not leave living premises without being escorted by at least one member of Provolone security {Vinzo, Kody, Kolin and/or Kaysha}.

Because I left today alone and felt such such a rebel.

Because you can only get Pumpkin Spice Latte once a year.

Because I decorated the inside of the house for autumn/Halloween all morning.

Because I am only existing but not in any way living without an occasional Starbucks.

Because I said so.

This is what I did with 30 minutes of almost free time {before Vinzo caught me via cell phone}.


I am Isabella and I visited my local Starbucks.

Thank you.


Always and forever,

The Drama Queen



Anonymous said...

The expanse of the mindlessness that comes from this blog is truly remarkable. Its astounding that you really think that people give a crap about every minute of your pathetic life. Heres an idea - GET A REAL JOB

Shiela in NY said...

Pumpkin Spice sounds soooo yummy!!! Glad you got to enjoy it, and totally agree with your rationale!! =)

Sorry I haven't wrote again since Friday. What a stinkin' zoo my life has been!!!!!!

Kim said...

well hmmm, yep actually they do have you ever taken the time to look at live feed? Anyway, no need for me to get a job outside the home...my man Vinny takes care of that. Ta Ta 4 Now Chubster...go have another twinkie, shit have one for me too while your at it.
Oh well shit, I was wondering..if you don't love me like everyone else does, then why sweetie are you here like everyday checking up on me, which btw I am flattered beyond words, thank you so much XOXO

Amy K said...

Congratulations! You deserve it.

OK, this is none of my business, but Anonymous...here's an idea...quit stopping by Kim's blog if you think her life is so pathetic!!!

Have an awesome day Kim!

Tracey said...

I love your blog! Thank you for sharing your life and pictures with us! Your kids are awesome. And, you deserve a starbucks! I have 4 teenagers at home. And, I'm trying to find a moment here and there that I do something for just ME! So important to take care of ourselves! Have a splendid day!

Shiela in NY said...

BAAHAAHAAA!!! Love your reply...

I was about to say the same thing -- funny how there are usually comments posted - even after your "mindless" blogs. I, for one, either smile or lol about many of your Blogs. AND.....I for one feel you DO have a job already. That of mom/housewife. That's three + jobs, if you ask me --!

Have a good one. Luv yaz!! =)

Shiela in NY said...

P.S. If Kaysha's still in NY I'll bet SHE is hoping for a Starbucks. We're having some chilly fall mornings up here!!

Kim said...

ROFL, it's OK I just love my "pathetic life. :0)

Kim said...

Shiela in NY said...

P.S. If Kaysha's still in NY I'll bet SHE is hoping for a Starbucks. We're having some chilly fall mornings up here!!

LMAO, yea I know she found that out the hard way. hehe


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