Saturday, October 9, 2010

One Game Away From Playoffs

We played Umatilla today at the Umatilla Sports Complex {beautiful beautiful place} and won 36-0.
If we win next weekend against Lake Mary {Orlando} we are going to the playoff's baby!

So, you won't believe where the first playoff game is??
The Citrus Bowl! How cool is that?

Kolin is now team captain. Doing an awesome job as offensive left tackle. Practicing his kicking for next season. And, just generally having fun with the whole game.

Plus, like our lives weren't busy enough, I have both boys going back to martial arts. Kody started up again this week, after taking a year off to pursue body building. Kolin will be going on Wednesday nights, which for now till football season is over, is his only free night.
They are both aiming for black belts in PWCST and Kody will be training for his third degree black in Tang-Soo-Doo.

Am I proud?
LOL...yea just a little. :0)

Sorry, no pic's today. I totally left my camera behind by accident. Duh. :0(

Have a great night everyone!!

Till next time, signing off for now. TTYL!!


1 comment:

Shiela in NY said...

Sounds like Kolin's team is doing great - that's awesome! Will be anxious to see how the guys do with their black belt goal. (Not "if" they get it, but "WHEN"!)


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