Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Native New Yorker

Like most teens, sometimes they just have got to get stuff out of their system. Kaysha being the adventurous one decided on the spur of the moment that she'd like to go back to NY for a little bit before the weather turns too cold for her Floridian blood.

So, last Saturday {a week from yesterday} she took off for a week.

She had a pretty good time. Stayed with her sister, visited her half brother his wife and new baby, went to the West Point museum and had a really wonderful visit with her grandparents {Vinny's Dad and Step-Mom} she hadn't seen since she was a baby.
They just loved her and she was bragging to me on her G-Ma Donna's baking skills. Her Dad and I told her thousands of times it was out of this world, Kaysha got to experience it and it almost made her want to stay a lot longer. lol.

She tried to track down family members from her maternal grandfathers side {my Dad who died when I was 3}. She and KK met a family member who just so happened coincidentally to show up at the hotel KK works at {her second job}, but unfortunately because of time running out, she wasn't really able to get out to Sleepy Hollow {the formerly called North Tarrytown} to follow through.
One day, I am pretty sure she will thou. She loves stuff like that.

She came back yesterday, exhausted, but happy that she got the chance to go.
I have a very funny feeling Kaysha is going to be my "traveler", she isn't to crazy about staying in one place for too long. Like I said, she is the adventurous one of the family.

Anyway, for Kaysha, it is almost the start of a new week and back to the grind.
Life goes on, right? sure does.


Have a great 10-10-10 everyone!!


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Amy K said...

Good for her to be able to take a trip like this. She's such a beautiful young lady Kim!
Congrats on the awesome football season so far....playoffs?
Happy Monday!


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