Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Floridians Eat....

Before it eats them!!

More tomorrow. :0)



Anonymous said...

EEE-WWWWWW!!! PLEASE don't tell me that's true. Yuck, and Double Yuck, if so! (And this is from someone that has eaten lots of odd northerern wildlife critters -- when I was a kid and didn't know better -- but still think that sounds gross!)

Can't wait to see your Mardi Gras pics!

Shiela in NY

Kim said...'s true Sheila and it's real good. Sort of a combo of steak and chicken. This one was plain deep fried but buffalo style is even better. :0)

Anonymous said...

Well, then, you remind me when I get down to Florida (and finally meet you someday!) to try some of that stuff. I still think it sounds gross, but am willing to try. For the record...sorry for those of you who live in the city and never lived in the country like me...but when I was a kid I tried rabbit, squirrel, woodchuck ... yessss, you saw that right...snapping turtle, and frog legs. A few of those are somewhat normal fair (considering) but to think I ate squirrel and woodchuck. I have my step-dad and brother to thank for all of that! :o)

Will stop back later for those pics. is buffalo style no crispy coating, and just the sauce on it? If so, I am thinking I'll need as much as possible to disguise it! :)


Anonymous said...

We were in Florida last week and ate some gator - and it was actually pretty good. All my boys liked it and even wanted more. Sheila - it kinda reminded me of snapping turtle, and if you can eat woodchuck you can eat gator. We left on Friday but if we would have been there Saturday we may of just driven up to your Mardi Gras party - it always loks like a good time!!
Hugs from Missouri,


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