Sunday, February 1, 2009

Second Dans

Introducing Kody, "Second Dan {pronounced "Don"} Member #17,199....

And Second Dan Member #17,200, Kolin...

Yes, my friends..they tested, they rocked it and they passed into a second degree black belt with flying colors, kicks and punches. :0)

Here's a few from Friday night, though I have at least 120 more to go through.

Kody's board breaks were awesome..they just kept giving him things to break and he'd go through them like it was cutting through butter. There is nothing that kid couldn't put himself through.

Kolin's creative form, "Psycho-Social" was PHENOMENAL!!
It was so perfect , as a matter of fact, that I couldn't take my eyes off of him, therefore...didn't get many pic's of that. Believe me though, it was intense and I honestly have never seen a creative form done as perfect as his was.

All in all, the night couldn't have gone better and we are so proud of those two, second degree belts, can you believe it? :0)

Welp's "Superbowl Sunday" and the wings, jalapeno poppers and mozzarella sticks are almost done so I better get going.

Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim



Leeann said...

Congrats to both the boys on their huge accomplishment! I know you are so proud of them!

And how bout that Super Bowl game? Pretty darn exciting, wasn't it?!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS, KOLIN & KODY! I'm sure it was a thrill to see you both earn your next level! As always, great pics, Kim!

Did I miss something? Was it really Super Bowl Sunday? Just kidding...but ya won't believe what I did. I left the boys at home and went shopping! I tell ya...if you want stores pretty free of people, go shopping on Super Bowl Sunday! At around 5:00 I actually asked an employee at Kohls how late they were open on a Sunday. When she said 9 PM I couldn't believe it. I'm sure they were bored to tears the whole night. There were more cars parked in front of Chuck E. Cheese at around 7 PM then there was at 6 at Kohls. :o)

Have a great week, and I hope you're doing okay. You know what I mean... :)

Shiela in NY

Anonymous said...

Dear K. Family,
Well, it sounds like there was a whole lot of celebrating going on in the K. household this weekend. :) Between both boys passing their tests and the Steelers winning, you probably had a nonstop party going, lol. Congratulations again to Kody and Kolin and I am so glad to hear you both did awesome!
Love and hugs,

Jenner said...

Congrats Kody & Kolin!! You rock!
Jen from WI

Dot O said...

You must just be bustin' with pride Kim, and hopefully those two young men of yours are too.

Congrats Kody and Kolin!!!

Sea52Jay said...

AWESOME boys! Love ya, CJ


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