Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunny, Tropical, Warm Florida...NOT!!

OK, so I know I have been known to spend some time whining about the cold and how much I hate it.
But..this morning it was 29 degrees. That is 29, two...nine and that is COLD!!!!!

Now, had I spent today in my cushy home with the heat on and the coffee pot blasting or heck, even in my cushy office, spoiled by the heat and the extra space heaters I probably would have been OK. my luck goes, today was a 5th grade field trip that I volunteered for a month ago...a month ago when I stupidly assumed it was be warm out.
This field trip of Kolin's was at a zoo..and outdoor only, learning zoo and let me tell you..we froze our butts off.

Just to prove that I cannot possibly make this stuff up, here is a quick shot of the blueberry bush farm right down the road from Kolin's school.

*click to enlarge, but only if you want to feel colder*

Yes my friends..that is ice you see hanging on those blueberry bushes. was ice you saw hanging from our freezing cold, spoiled, thin Florida blood skin that, if you were at the Sanford Zoo, you would have seen too.
Pictures of that will follow in a day or two...Kolin would be the one bundled up beyond any kind of recognition. I would be the one barely talking pic's at all cuz of the frozen fingers factor.

Hope you all have a great night...stay warm, drink coffee, crank up the space heaters..I will be and I won't stop until summer. :0)

Love, Kim


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Hee Hee Hee!! ! :)

It's zero here - does that make you feel better?


Dot O said...

Wow! I'd be a bit bent if I lived in FL and had to deal with those temps. I'll have to ask my SIL in Tampa how it is there!

I live by my space heater this time of year!

Anonymous said...

I know, when you're not used to it, 29 is darned cold. But forgive my lack of sympathy - I'm in Michigan and the weather's been cold enough here that 29 would be a heat wave! :o) Just had to tell you that. My prayers are always with you and your family.

Cheese Lady said...

wow its different to see it so cold there, today in wisconsin we are suppose to get up to 40 so we have a sidwalk beach party planned!
I heard on the news all the lizzards are freezing and falling out of the tree's, is it raining lizzards in your yard? that would be too cool!!


Good thing you moved away from NY.
It has been one rough bitter cold winter up here!.
Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

I look forward to your warm, sunny Florida pictures because here in Chicago we have been FREEZING. Today's picture even made me feel cold and 29 degrees in Chicago would be a heat wave! You are so talented. K family I hope you have a very pleasant WARMER weekend.


Debbie said...

29 is a heat wave here. It is warmer today (Ohio), as our foot of snow is starting to melt...LOL. Stay warm, it will change soon..

God Bless~

Anonymous said...

Hi. I cant believe how cold this year has been. In Charleston we got snow flurries, nothing stuck to the ground but that is cold here in the SOUTH!!! Stay warm....
Love, Marci

Lissy said...

wow...that's almost as cold as it is here in Jersey..i didn't realize florida got that cold!

Anonymous said...

HOLEY COW! I took a day off of stopping by, just in case there was an update, and I completely missed one! :o)

Sorry to see you had such lousy weather for the field trip. Makes me think of when our family came to FL for a vacation in Dec. 2000 and there was snow and we were FREEZING. Yes, us New Yorkers. But we'd only packed spring jackets so, believe me, we were layering! Can't wait to see the pics of the field trip!

Thinking about you constantly and hoping you are coping okay.

Shiela in NY

Fiona Case said...

I actualy enjoyed looking at that photo, here in Melbourne Australia its been a very HOT 46.5 deg celsius and going down to only 21.6 deg cel, very hard to sleep. I am actually wishing it was winter, it may be cold but it looks so pretty, we are also on water restrictions.


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