Friday, January 31, 2014

My Cookie Monster

She does love having her picture taken, in fact...most days before school, she pretty much demands it, LOL!

It has been cold in Florida this week and I heard north of Ocala into Gainesville on up, they actually got some flurries ans iced over road conditions.
I also heard because of the lack of ice road knowledge, a lot of roads were closed.
Hopefully we won't see much more of it cuz even I am freezing...I know, I know. :)

These were all taken with my phone, so the quality is not of the camera.
I came down with the flu this week, and for real...haven't had one second of interest picking that camera up...sp please bear with me till I get back in the swing of it.

Some knitting and my beloved Asian green tea with honey...

Kody got another tattoo {his third} and so now all three boys have the same matching one. Soon as I can get them all together, I'll get some pictures. :)

Last weekend Mike had 3 days off, so we left the kids behind this time and took an awesome little mini vacation to Ormond Beach. We had the best time...but I think what I loved most was he planned the whole weekend and wouldn't tell me where we were going till we pretty much got there.
He's pretty cool that way.
Anyway...I have phone pics, if anyone wants to see them.

Well, with that...I have an ooVoo {video chat} date tonight with a man in a, pardon me while I get going!!

Take care everyone!!



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Anonymous said...

Of course I want to see pictures of you and your beloved! I always look forward to not only your photography but hearing about what is going on in your life. I've been following you for about seven years.


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