Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Madison at 11 Weeks

My very petite "Glamdaughter" is finally up to 11 pounds at 11 weeks, she is such a tiny baby...and I am so used to super chunks like Kolin and Kody, heck even Adriana was a chubbette lol.

Anyway, she has colic and reflux and is so miserable while they go thru formula changes to deal with her milk allergies (just like her Momma), but even through the screaming bouts...we managed a few pictures this past Sunday.

So, here she is...Madison Grace Karley Hanna at 11 weeks old. :)




I FINALLY got brave enough to register and start my photo biz, so feel free to "like" Life is Beautiful Photography at:


Life without Karl here beside me continues to be a struggle every day, but my senses are becoming way stronger and there are times when I can see him, and finally can hear him. It's quick, but yes...call me crazy if you want, but he was standing near my closet one night watching me brush my teeth,fast as I could blink an eye he was there and then he was gone and last night as I walked out the front door to walk the dog I heard him say "baby", it was slightly garbled but I heard him. Miko must have seen him cuz as much as that puppy loves his before bed night walk, he was not happy with something in the driveway and was barking and running back inside as fast as his short legs could carry him. :)

I can hear footsteps upstairs during the day, I found the kitchen radio turned on during the night, he likes to shut the TV off during football games {and I don't blame him for wanting that Jets game to end this past weekend lol} and when I get the goosebump chills out of nowhere, I can feel him touching me.

Like I said, call me crazy...but these happenings are real and very much welcome. No, I'm not scared at all, in fact I welcome them.

OK, enough of that...have a great day everyone!!!!!



Leeann said...

Beautiful baby! Lucky Grandma!

I love that Karl is still with you. I'm not surprised. The love you two had was something very special.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, Madison is absolutely a doll! You would never know through her pictures that she is dealing with colic and formula issues....hope she feels better soon.

I truly believe that you are seeing Karl and I am so happy that he followed you to your new home. I have seen things and heard things myself and am so glad that your true love is still with you. Thank you so much for sharing, it gives us all hope in life after here. You are such an inspiration!

Debby from Ohio

Ro said...

BEAUTIFUL images of a really gorgeous granddaughter. You should do very well with your photography business. Of course Karl is still there with you-your bond was unbreakable.


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