Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ever find that perfect sun spot, the one where it's so warm you just conk right out? Madison did. :)


Have a beautiful day everyone!!



My Honeys Place said...

How sweet!

MCatherine said...

Adorable and so comfy!

Ness said...

She is a sweetheart!

I'm off FB now. Just too much to keep up with and my health has been bad. Tell Kody I'm always available by email... dachsielvr@aol.com

I keep you and the KKidz as well as your man in our nightly prayers. I'm so happy you've found someone. I haven't mailed any Michael's coupons to you for a couple of weeks because I didn't know if you were getting them on time to be able to use them.

Don't forget me!

Love ya, Ness


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