Sunday, December 11, 2011

Remembrance Night

Last week, Beyers, the funeral home we used had it's annual Remembrance of Life at a church out in Fruitland Park. All the families who have lost a love one this past year are invited to attend a service in which we wee given a dove ornament to place upon a tree in memory of our loved one. The dove has that persons name on it.
While I couldn't get all the kids there, Kyle we know why and Karyelle because she had been hit hard with the flu..the rest were there and Adriana too.

I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful.

For those of you who believe, like we do, that our loved ones an still be around us in spirit, and to those of us who do believe in "signs", I have to tell you...

I saw him.

Call me crazy, it's OK {lol}, we were sitting in the middle section, third row down and I was at the end of the pew right near the center of the church, Kody was next to me.
Right before it started, people were sitting all around, talking and know when lots of people talk all at the same time it gets loud. My kids were talking amongst each other and Adri, well Adri was being typical 4 year old firecracker Adri.
I was deep, really deep in my thoughts of Karl/My Vinny when I look to my right and sure as I am typing this right now for a split few seconds it seemed, he was kneeling down there right next to me, beautiful..handsome...and dressed in an all white suit, long hair braided back, gorgeous smile, the brightest eyes and no glasses, a "glow" around him.
He looked right into my eyes and said "I love you" and I said "I love you" to him. I also said "Please take me with you Vin" and he said "Not yet Izz, take care of my babies", then he was gone...just like that.

Well, not a minute after, Kody, who was taking this night incredibly hard, nudged me and said "Mom...I just saw a white mist" and soon as he pointed to where, which was in front of us, on the floor, to our right next to a step to go up to the alter I saw it too. It was there and then it was gone, that fast.
I looked for anything to rule out why a white mist would be there, no fog machine, no weird lights, no anything...just a step with a green carpet and a small nativity scene a couple of feet away.
BTW, Kody is a believer too. :)

It gets better. When we got home, Kaysha was anxious to upload the pictures to the computer, she is my "orb" finder...she can spot them in a photo in an instant.
Sure enough, quite a few of the photos {taken with a new point and shoot camera, only used for the second time} were small orbs. The one or two surrounding us were almost always on Kody and Adriana.
Because I tend to take two or three pictures in a row when Kody is in them because of his eye tics {he closes his eyes in most pictures}, I would think if it were something on the lens it would have been in each picture since I take them a second apart...but they weren't.

I'll post some orb pics within the next couple of days, for now though...I have these from our night of remembrance...

008 copy


029 copy

Thank you everyone for being so patient, I know I have been lacking a lot on keeping up the blog.
This is a horrible month to get through, between the one year anniversary of Karl's death and trying to remain sane with the has, I can honestly say, been real bad, probably one of the worst months ever. Last year the shock still had us numb, this year the reality has really settled in and the pain is there all day, every day.

I was sent this on facebook, I thought it was really sweet...

"Don't need an angel on top of my Christmas tree, I have one in Heaven looking down on me"

Have a beautiful day everyone. :)



tricia said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful story

Cheyenne said...

That's an amazing story. I, too, am a believer. Your post made me cry but not before the goosbumps set in. Take care, Kim and family, and try to have a good holiday. Peace be with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

There is actually an orb right above your head in the second picture. = ) I'm sorry you are going through a tough spot. I know when my dad passed away the first year was extremely difficult. My thoughts are with your family.

Jessie - long time reader.

Anonymous said...


I am also a believer! What a beautiful Christmas gift you have been blessed with! I am so happy that Karl spoke to you. I love the fact that he followed you to the church! It shows that he is with you where ever you go...not just at home. I truly believe that it is so rare to find your true love and everyone can see it when it happens even through pictures or words. It is so obvious that Karl and you are true loves... even through death. I love reading your words of love for him and your family. Karl loves you so much and he loves his family, he really wants you to take care of them and he will let you know when the time is right for you to join him for eternity. I love the pictures, the boys look so handsome. Can't wait to see the pics with orbs. I have seen the most beautiful blue orbs in my own house, different sizes.

God Bless You, Debby


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