Thursday, December 22, 2011

One Year Today...

One year ago today your physical body left, but your spirit will forever remain in my heart, in my tears and in the eyes of the six beautiful gifts you gave me, our children.
My memorial back piece is complete and is dedicated to you My Vinny.
Many people ask me if it hurt...yes, of course it did...but it can never compare to the hurt I carry in my heart every day.
I love you Vinny...Always and Forever, Till Death Do Us Part.

~Your Izzy~

backtattoofinal 004 copy 2

The top banner is from Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven and says "Would You Know My Name If I Saw You In Heaven" and the bottom banner says, "A Perfect Chapter Laid To Rest" from Avenged Sevenfold's "So Far Away".
The two dates in that banner on the left is 4-19-80 {the day we got married} and 12-22-10 {the day he died}.
Absolutely everything in that back piece mean something to him and me, some very personal...even the three stars above his head. There is nothing there that he wouldn't be able to pick out as something special between the two of us.

People heal in different ways, this tattoo was nine months in the making, and my own way of trying to heal from the greatest hurt I have ever felt in my life.
If statistically couples who have been together and share a love as deep as ours die within a year of each other...I've often wondered, why the hell am I still here?

At the end of the day we'll start year doesn't seem real that he's gone.
In about 45 minutes from now, that is exactly one year.
Every day I stare outside and imagine his car pulling up, the way I'd walk down the driveway to meet him or the way he would come through the garage door. The was he smelled, the way he held me close, the way he made me feel so loved.
Time does not least it hasn't for us yet.

Thank you to everyone who has followed us throughout this journey.
I have no idea yet where life will take us this year, I pray for some healing, a pray for less tears and more smiles, I pray that we still remain and strong and close knit family as always.
We have our ups and downs, don't get me wrong...we have our arguments just like everybody else and sometimes they can get pretty heated.
But, when we take a deep breath and step back and realize the pain from losing the most beautiful man that ever walked this planet is the cause for most of that's then and only then can we stop and remember one thing...

What would Vinny want us to do?

Have a beautiful day everyone, cherish every moment with the ones you love.



Laurie said...

Kim and the rest of the "K" family, I have followed you since the days of Kody's Caringbridge page and have felt your pain all the way up here in NJ since last year. Hold your memories close and your family closer in what must be very difficult days.
Laurie in NJ

Anonymous said...

I remember a year ago being in absolute shock with the news of Vinny and his memorial.

I'll be honest, I think the second year is harder than the first. I told you before, the emotions are much more real and harsh. I think my mom would agree.

Continued prayers and hugs!
Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful, Kim. Thinking about you, especially today. I wish I had more comforting words, but I hope for peace for you and your whole family.....
Liz, NY

Jenner said...

Absolutely beautiful.
Love, Hugs & Prayers,
Jen, WI

tricia said...

thinking of all of you

Cheyenne said...

What a beautiful tribute to the man you love.

Anonymous said...

Kim....This is beautifully written, and illustrated. God bless you and the kids, this Christmas and every one to come. I can only imagine how deep your hurt is, and how difficult this day is for all of you. I've followed you since Kody's second grade First Holy Communion on Caring Bridge, and Karl's death was a complete shock. You've done a wonderful job of holding it together this past year. If you've made it through that, you can do another day. God bless....Debbie Shumaker

Anonymous said...


Beautiful! What a moving way to show your love to Vinny! I think about you a lot these days and I am keeping you close in prayers!


Anonymous said...

Kim your back piece is amazing and so touching. You and Karl shared a love that many of us admire and dream of having....thinking of you all....

Lori from MN said...

Your tattoo artist did a great job! What a beautiful tribute!


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