Sunday, June 26, 2011

Provolone Security

Many of you may remember while Karl was still alive, our family joke and his "alter ego" was this really cool guy he called "Vinny Provolone".
It was a family thing understood only by the kids, him and myself and it brought us so many laughs and good times I can't even begin to tell you.

Anyway, I have had this weird way of attracting, well...I'm gonna just say it like it was, "freaks".
Seems no matter where I went some weirdo would always want to start up a conversation, hit on me, heck one day a year ago or so I was leaving the laundromat and some dude ran up to me and kissed me right on the head then ran off.

Since that day, Karl would NEVER let me go anywhere alone. If he couldn't be with me, the kids always were, especially Kody and Kolin.
We always joked around saying how cool it would be to have "Provolone Security" shirts made so they and he could wear them when we went out.
Sad things is we never got around to it.
That's one of life's big lessons I've learned, just don't talk about it!

When Fathers Day came around this year I wanted to make it special for them. I got some "Dad" picture frames and put his picture in for the each of them but it just didn't seem like enough.
I took them out to Denney's which was one of Karl's favorite places to eat out at but even that didn't cut it.
One day I was out walking when I heard a voice loud and clear tell me to get those shirts made, that instead of reflecting on sadness, it would actually make them laugh.

So, that's exactly what I did. :)

ProvoloneSecurity 003 copy

I wish I could get them all in one picture, one day I will for sure. Till then this is all I could grab last night before we left to go see Cars Two.

ProvoloneSecurity 004 copy

ProvoloneSecurity 008 copy

ProvoloneSecurity 012 copy

When they were little and we had six of them to tote around, Karl decided one day, since once in a while one would get left behind when we went out, and to be sure we brought them all back home, that we would have "The Bonehead Countdown". When Dad called for the Bonehead countdown each kid from oldest to youngest had to yell out "Bonehead #1, Bonehead #2, etc....
So that explains why I thought it would be absolutely fitting and pretty funny to do this...

ProvoloneSecurity 005 copy

ProvoloneSecurity 006 copy

What's the sense in living if you can't laugh once in a while, right?
I'm sure Daddy Bear was laughing his a$$ off when he saw his hell raisers wearing those shirts. :)

Have a great day everyone!!



Anonymous said...

Love your sense of humor. It will help your with your grief.

tricia said...

What a great laugh!

Isn't Alona Bonehead 6 1/2 though? would make the Firecracker Bonehead 6 3/4's. How is Alona doing?

Kendall said...


Kim, Karl left those kids in very good hands. Whether you can see it or not through your broken heart, you are an amazing woman that is capable of leading all of them through this and into the light.

I know you don't always feel strong but you are an amazing example of strength and grace. You are an inspiration and make it very clear to everyone why Karl felt so lucky to have you in his life.


Stacy said...

Love, Love, Love It! You have a great way of keeping Karl's memory always fresh and alive in your children's hearts and heads....they will never forget what you have done for them!

Cheyenne said...

Love those shirts! What a great idea. Kim, you rock.


Love this!

Shiela in NY said...

That is so funny! My big question: did your kids actually call out "Bonehead #__" while in the public establishment? If so, that's even funnier!! :)

BTW, I love what Kendall wrote, and totally agree!

Kim said...

Shiela..they sure do :)


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