Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to our oldest who's turning 30 today.

Ohhhh wow, yea I said it, thirty...that makes me....ummm, well nevermind.
Anyway, we're heading out to her place today to celebrate for a while.

This girl's going too...

june92011 003 copy

Fun times!!

Saying g-bye for now so I can get everyone up and ready.

Still existing, nowhere near living just yet.
Trust me when I tell you having complete control over the TV remote isn't all it's cracked up to be. :(

Have a great day everyone!!



Acutescrubnurse said...

Kim, thinking about you guys all the time....hope you are enjoying your summer the best you can.
Take care and know that we are thinking about you all!

Kendall said...

Hi Kim! I haven't commented in a while but I still check in almost daily for updates on you and the family.

I can't believe how big the little Firecracker is getting- she's a beauty! And I gather from your post stating that you are going to visit her that your oldest has relocated to Florida to be close to you? That's awesome! I'm sure it has been a huge light in your life (not to mention the help and support she must have to offer).

I think you need to come over to Daytona for a beach day with the boys and I can meet up with you for some girl talk while they flirt with girls!!

It would be fun!!

Shiela in NY said...

That little firecracker of yours looks like she has my color skin. Of course she has a good excuse, being a redhead, but my excuse is lack of sunshine in Upstate New York!! She's such a cutie! Hope you all had fun celebrating. Well, as much fun as there can be without Karl there. :(

Sending love and hugs, as always.

tricia said...

hope you had a great time! Happy Birthday to #1 K kid.

I thought #1 lived in NY? You guys went to NY?


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