Friday, February 24, 2012

14 Months

Two days ago we hit the 14 months since he's been gone date.
It was one of those days, saw my red bird first thing in the morning driving Kolin to school, it flew right in front of my car...then again when I was out taking a walk, two of them actually the male and female chasing each other around a tree, it was really always reminds me of how we used to be.

Anyway, that night I really wanted to just go to bed, it was late...well late for me, maybe about ten thirty, lol.
I wanted to get some pictures printed for Kyle and I decided to upload them to Walgreens before I turned in.
While I was waiting for the upload, I, without any reason at all {cuz we all know I get very caught up in it}, clicked over to Facebook. That's when I decided to get nosy and see what this whole "timeline" thing is about.
Some people hate it, others love it, personally I was one who really didn't care, but WOW...did my mind get changed.
I'm a FB Timeline lover now. :)

So here I was sitting in my room on the computer, in the dark, the whole house completely quiet and as always I am having my mind racing a hundred miles an hour with my Vinny thoughts.

This was literally my very first click on "timeline"...


If that wasn't a sign from my Vinny...what else possibly could be?



tricia said...

gave me the chills:good chills. keep looking for those signs

Anonymous said...

Oh man! What a wonderful sign.


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