Tuesday, November 1, 2011

There's His Sign...

This past Sunday Kolin's team advanced into game four of the playoff's, which was at Florida Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando.

I know Kolin was excited but I also know he was very sad because he wants his Dad to be watching him in the worst way.
Family times were great when we'd all travel together and Karl was always so proud of him.
Well, as soon as we pulled off the 408 and into the stadium parking lot....this truck was parked right there in front of us.

There was his sign..

CITRUS BOWL 10-30-11 002 copy

I wish I would have been able to photograph the smile on that boys face cuz it was priceless. :)



tricia said...

gave me chills!

Anonymous said...

Love it! How precious is that. Remember the looks on those faces...that is a true precious memory.

Connie F-G
LaVista NE

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! Did you make it to go and see Kyle?


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